Seta Zandi Designer Profile
Seta Zandi is the award-winning designer of the Petra Coffee Table.
Seta Zandi

Seta Zandi is an artist and researcher with a taste for ecological and environmental innovation. She has always been fascinated by stone and has made it her profession; she obtained a PhD in engineering and mechanical modeling of Rocks from the École des Mines de Paris. Seta then worked for several years as a rock mechanics specialist in French industry. Also passionate about art and decoration, she decided to combine her engineering & research skills with her design and decoration skills to provide innovative design and material. She now designs and fabricates sustainable, eco-responsible and high-quality products for who cares about environment and loves original design. She says “Where most would see mere construction or household waste, I see inspiration. I deeply believe that we can build better and sustainably, while consuming less.”

Petra Coffee Table