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Midea Building Technology is a service provider of intelligent ecological integration solutions for building buildings, which belongs to one of the five major business segments of Midea Group, and its products and services cover HVAC, elevators, energy, building control and other smart building-related fields. In January 2022, we self-developed and built iBUILDING's building digital platform, committed to building a sustainable smart space. Midea Building Technology provides services to customers around the world, including various commercial premises, railways, hospitals, hotels, parks, etc. Headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, it has six product R&D and manufacturing bases and four innovation R&D centers, and has branches and partner networks in many cities around the world.

Jingzhou Plant IOC Smart Operation Center
IOC for Midea Headquarter International Operations Center (IOC)
Midea Industrial Park West International Operations Center (IOC)
Shanghai Tongji Hospital  System
iBUILDING Portal Digital Platform
Mdv System