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Mycboo Studio is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Mycboo Studio

An architect based in Australia, Rosangela Tenorio founded Mycboo in 2022 as a collaborative studio, focusing on products and spaces for children that are bio-based and plastic free. Developed in the spirit of invention, creativity and dream on environmental thriving for our planet, Mycboo merges research innovation on bio-materials manufacturing, digital fabrication, and traditional crafts design into contemporary products that can be applied to a variety of contexts. Rosangela is also an associate professor of Architecture at the School of Design and the co-founder of the bbmdesignlab at UWA. She is an environmental consultant, working with government agencies, NGOs and industry to implement design directions for circular buildings in warming climates

Mycboo Studio
Buka Perforated Wall Panels
Yby Toy