Poon, Chi Wai Patrick Designer Profile
Poon, Chi Wai Patrick is the award-winning designer of the TACTBiT Electronic Building Blocks.
Poon, Chi Wai Patrick

Patrick Poon, Dr. Tactbit, was due to retire a couple of years ago at age of 65. He has been working on the Electronic Cubes concept since he designed the TETRIS Light in 2012. It's now his mission before retirement is to ignite the electronics talents of Toddlers and young scientists with these very simple, durable, safe-to-use Electronic Magnetic Cubes. Here’s how Tactbit electronic cube works: ⦁Snap & Build: Super-strong Duodenum Magnets snap the blocks together on any 4 sides. Build castles, rockets, animals or vehicles—your imagination is the limit! ⦁Choose How It Looks: Snap on the Power Cube and your creation lights up. Twist the Power Cube and your masterpiece changes color! Plays by day, then set it in your child’s bedroom to shine by night. ⦁Touch & Feel: No sharp edges. Rounded, nickel-plated corners feel great in fidgety hands. ⦁Talk & Listen: Hold down the recorder button on the Sound Cube to record your message. Press play and make your sculpture come to life! ⦁STEAM Awareness: Develop spatial, fine-motor, and art skills while learning the basics of circuitry and electronics. Simply innovative! ⦁Dismantles In A Snap: Simply detach the blocks and stack them neatly for quick clean-up. ⦁Tested to comply with ASTM F963-17, EN62115, EN71 child safety regulations. Approved for age 1 to 100. ⦁Easy to handle cubes will bring out hidden creativities of special needs children as well as grandma and grandpas. Are you a parent looking for a multisensory electronic toy to stimulate your active child? Are you a teacher seeking a tactile manipulative to extend imaginative electronics play in your classroom? Do you simply like cool and innovative fidget toys?! Professionals and Government officials who can help to speed up the process in introducing these cubes to Nurseries, Kindergartens, Pre-schools, Primary and High Schools for the benefit of STEM / STEAM awareness are welcome to contact Dr. Tactbit by email:

Poon, Chi Wai Patrick
TACTBiT Electronic Building Blocks