Peter Lombard Designer Profile
Peter Lombard is the award-winning designer of the Rodeo Photographic Art.
Peter Lombard

Peter Lombard is a retired business broker who is now able to devote his time exclusively to the visual arts. Peter had enjoyed some success with his oil painting pursuits in his youth and has used those talents to achieve success in his pursuit of fine art photography. Peter joined both national and local photographic clubs to improve his photography in 2012. In 2016-2018 Peter held the position's of PCC President and APS Movie Division Chairman simultaneously. He declined further nominations to similar positions to concentrate on his family and his artistic pursuits. Peter has won many significant awards in local, national and international competitions for his unique style, the most significant of these a Documentary Collection in the Fifth Annual Exposure Awards hosted at the Musee du Louvre in Paris France 2015. Peter has also been commissioned for fine art photography works that have been published in the Automotive J.W.F. Glass Fibre Industries publication "The JWF Story Italia & Milano" by Bruce Polain. A sample collection of Peter's work is available for purchase at; Additional information and works can be found at;

Peter Lombard
Rodeo Photographic Art