Heikki Herranen Designer Profile
Heikki Herranen is the award-winning designer of the Klaimber Assistive Chair.
Heikki Herranen

Heikki Herranen (left) is an imaginative but deeply practical-minded Industrial Designer focusing particularly on initial design innovation and concept development for progressive product design projects. Heikki studied Design Masters in Denmark, he is professionally experienced in wide variety of different design and creative project challenges from early iterative ideation to concept visualization and prototyping, and he has worked in multicultural design settings on international level for several years. ​ Heikki's open-minded, analytical and constructive design attitude is combined with strong design and visual communication methods to deliver meaningful and tangible customer value. ​ Heikki Herranen together with his designer-colleague Matteo Zaghi and their collaborating producer Studio Arredi have recently independently won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 with their adjustable and sustainable desk Casattava.

Heikki Herranen
Klaimber Assistive Chair