Lois Guillán Designer Profile
Lois Guillán is the award-winning designer of the Maijom Double Desk.
Lois Guillán

After graduating from the INEF of the University of La Coruña, he began to study related to his true vocation, design. Thus, after graduating in interior design from the easd of Santiago de Compostela, he would become co-founder of the design studio “Piedrapapeltijera”. During the eight years that he was in charge of the study, he was able to combine the development of projects of all kinds, with a new graduation in product design by the easd of Santiago de Compostela. Currently, he directs the “cucuducho” project. “The interesting thing about design is that it can be the ideal communication channel for almost any concept. Thus, we can transmit tradition or avant-garde through materials; closeness or chill through the finishes; nostalgia or indifference with the forms… At the moment, I intend that my designs are closely linked with culture, tradition, education and art, and that they become amplifiers of these aspects in all children. ”

Maijom Double Desk