Yotam Guttman Designer Profile
Yotam Guttman is the award-winning designer of the Ikebana Thinking Art Exhibition Visual Identity.
Yotam Guttman

I was born in Tel Aviv to a Czech Hungarian family. I attended a school that professed an open kind of education, where the child is free to draw their own path accordingly to their strengths. Then the foundation stone of my artistic interest had been laid. Both of my parents come from similar backgrounds. Mum studied theatre and fine arts, and dad has dealt with video production and animation from the field's early days. Therefore, I found myself working professionally in the visual area from a very young age. On my journey of self-exploration, I've developed my way of interpretation, I've discovered what attracts me, what inspires me and what displeases me. I'm curious about the human mind and I'm keen to be exposed to visual ways of expression I haven't seen before. I don't question my relevance, however, I enjoy seeing the satisfaction of people after having worked together, as much as I enjoy standing behind the outcome we've created. I wouldn't define myself a designer, since I'm not willing to round corners, simplify, or adapt my ideas in order to end up with a better product that might be missing some of my original motives, and yet, I admire the art of design and each of its additional mediums. My main aspiration is to create something abnormal, irregular, even if it comes at the expense of clarity and practicality. I wouldn't suggest myself as a commercial designer, I'm most likely incapable of creating something that would sell. I appreciate a design that sensually wakes up feelings, that brings up philosophical thoughts and this is my way to approach this medium.

Yotam Guttman
Ikebana Thinking Art Exhibition Visual Identity