Marcos Prudencio Designer Profile
Marcos Prudencio is the award-winning designer of the Blue Accessibility SUP Chair.
Marcos Prudencio

Possesses a degree in Design by Centro Universitário da Cidade and a degree in Civil Engineering by Universidade Gama Filho. Post-graduate in Branding and Graphic Design. More than 20 years working in this profissional field, developing designs for product, packaging and wayfinding. Business partner of DMP Branding & Design. DMP exists since 1999. Since 2012 it is the partner the brazilian italy group Dzigual Golinelli, company of strategic communication that has been operating for more than 20 years using design as the main tool for innovation and differentiation. Large experience in wayfinding projects for big enterprises, such as football stadiums, commercial and hospital complexes, and also urban mobility. Responsible for Branding projects in the development of brands, packaging designs and merchandising, leading one creative staff team, comprised of designers of products and graphics, architects, photographers, editors and producers.

Marcos Prudencio
Blue Accessibility SUP Chair