Ekaterina Malakhova Designer Profile
Ekaterina Malakhova is the award-winning designer of the NorMaali 2017 Calendar.
Ekaterina Malakhova

Ekaterina Malakhova splits her focus between art and design. She is the founder of the emerging online gallery of contemporary art: Mobius. Ekaterina’s artistic approach of is to search for visual instant indicators: as an artist, she is always looking for ways to express the effects of time and capturing moments in life. “When, in life, we create instances and situations, sometimes we can only observe. However, every single one of our actions, our momentary appearance or even revelation and understanding - each stays at the instance when happen.” The same rules apply for her designs. “A good design is one which always delivers for a specific clients needs: always a collaborative work of designer interpretation and client feedback. I feel a kind of magic extracting the notions and images from a client’s imagination and turning it into shapes and representations. And, even through a lifetime dedicated to design is limited because of many factors: fashion, demands, usability and so on, I want to believe that these productions still remain representative indicators of time on our lifeline.”

Ekaterina Malakhova
NorMaali 2017 Calendar