Anna Maresova designers Designer Profile
Anna Maresova designers is the award-winning designer of the Vibrator Erotic toy.
Anna Maresova designers

Anna Marešová studied product design at the Faculty of Art and Design at the University in Ústí nad Labem and University of Derby. Her Bachelor’s work, Tram for Prague received many awards such as: The National Technical Museum’s Award; Excellent Student Design and the Prestige Award at the Biennial of Industrial Design BIO 22, were she also received the award for Best Student Work. Her Master’s project, A Set of Erotic Aids for Women received a lot of media attention. It was awarded with the National Prize for Student Design in 2011, Exit Design 2011, Red Dot Award 2016, and was ranked as Prototype of the Year by the magazine Dolce Vita. She is currently working in sustainable design, in her own studio Anna Marešová Designers, and with the brand

Anna Maresova designers Vibrator Erotic toy