Tirdad Kiamanesh Designer Profile
Tirdad Kiamanesh is the award-winning designer of the Float Series Practical Bath and Basin.
Tirdad Kiamanesh

My name is Tirdad Kiamanesh, I am a Persian and was born in Tehran. I am a kind of man which is always trying to explore new places and like to experience different thing. To be honest, the hardest question for me to be ask is " what is your favorite . . . . . ? " . if you ask something like this, you have to listen hours about my favorites in different cases. I have the same approach about my life. I have experienced different things in my life and would like to keep doing it. This is the main motivation for me to change my field of study from Physics ( SBU University ) to industrial design ( Tehran University ) and then to product design ( IED Milano ). I wanted a career which gives me ability to poking my noise in everywhere. I love to understanding more about the world around me and in my point of view the life is too short to dedicate myself to understand just a small part too deeply like physicians. The main goal of my design and in general term my life is to improve human life condition, I know that I can not change this troubled world but fixing even small part is better than nothing. So this is a very short introduction of mine, for boring and classical CV you can see the picture below. if the font size is small for your screen, feel free to download the CV from this link. ecV

Tirdad Kiamanesh
Float Series Practical Bath and Basin