Antonnione Franco Leone Ribeiro Designer Profile
Antonnione Franco Leone Ribeiro is the award-winning designer of the Puzzle Modular Furniture.
Antonnione Franco Leone Ribeiro

Antonnione Franco Leone Ribeiro is a multidisciplinary professional, he demonstrates the interest in different topics and approaches, which facilitates the breadth of his portfolio. His ideas are considered audacious and innovative, he captures the aura of contemporary and has the features of a avant-garde professional. In his designs, there are concerns about different topics such as the concept, functionality, usability, plasticity, artfulness, playfulness but mostly deep, the study about the user and the consumer market. He is a meticulous designer and his goal is to achieve the results envisioned regardless of limitations because he loves obstacles and projects that encourage professional growth. Why do you

Antonnione Franco Leone Ribeiro
Puzzle Modular Furniture