Junting Liu Right angle Stair handrail
Right angle Stair handrail is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
Right angle Stair handrail

The design of this handrail has broken the limitation,which of traditional design of staircase handrails. It is convenient to transport and install this right angle handrail. Meanwhile, its appearance and functions are unified; right angle handrail design enables the elders to go up and down the stairs easily; it provides a place for people,who moves heavy loads, to take a break, and it can also give pregnant women realtime feedback on the road condition.

Right angle Stair handrail
Junting Liu Right angle
Junting Liu Stair handrail
Junting Liu design
Junting Liu design
Junting Liu

Being interested in design,he has been pursuing new breakthrough in the design.And he has been trying his best to look for a better way of communication between products and people in the school,and also has been regarding the special groups such as the elderly and the disabled as the target groups of the design,in order to find a better way of life for them.Besides,he likes communicating with others about design.The Magpie Studio in his school is a place full of vitality,where young designers are the emerging powers in design circle,and he,together with his friends,creates better products.


MAGPIE is a ShockWave Design Studio's team. It is made up of experienced undergraduates and graduates from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. Team members are working on academic research and actual product production and manufacturing. Most of them are currently working for worldwide design companies. They gather together in their spare time and work on same project, longing to make the world a better place to live in and explaining what is design good for.