Murat Erbas Adimlar Gait Therapy Tool
Adimlar Gait Therapy Tool is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
Adimlar Gait Therapy Tool

As seen in the picture, Adimlar, is a new approach to the clinical treatment of gait therapy. The designer, Murat Erbas, points that although robotic gait therapy for children gives quite good results, it is limited in terms of social and economic reasons. So, he suggests a new idea for gait therapy as an out-of-clinic; a therapeutic aid tool that is easy to obtain, and belongs to daily life. The main principle of the tool is transmitting the motion energy to the feet for gait. He also claims that this parent-controlled tool is also a motivation for the social life of the child.

Adimlar Gait Therapy Tool
Murat Erbas Adimlar
Murat Erbas Gait Therapy Tool
Murat Erbas design
Murat Erbas design
Murat Erbas

I am a professional industrial designer for 24 years. My main approach to design discipline, for last years, is developing useful things for a child growing. I have intended to develop an out-of-clinic instrument that gains and transfers stimulation from the natural aura to the child. The therapy tool, Adimlar, is a gait therapy tool for children who have partly lack of walking ability. It based on stimulation of the central nervous system mechanically via legs while using the tool in their daily life, out of the clinic.


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