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Details about Design for Peace - a custom competition, organized and managed by A' Design Award and Competition. Please kindly note that this is not one of the Official A' Design Award categories.

Call for Entries
Design for Peace, is the name of our competition. Initially, we wanted to call this competition “War on War”, as a follow-up to our “War on Virus” competition, however, that’s not what we want; we all want peace and we all want good and positive solutions, ideas, and designs that can help us improve our lives, our society and our future for the better. Entries are open in 135 categories.

What can you Design?
There are four types of designs that you may be interested in developing: 1. Designing products, projects and services for protection of civilians against hostile forces as well as hostile environments. 2. Developing products, projects and services that can operate independently from the electricity grid, internet, roads and other pre-existing infrastructure. 3. Developing products, projects and services to satisfy core necessities of displaced populations that could be easily deployed, transported or manufactured during times of need in efficient and sustainable manner, including but not limited to technologies, appliance and furniture for protection, basic comfort and wellbeing of citizens, to enable a normalized daily life, expected from a civil society. 4. Products, projects, services and communication that educate the public; not necessary for the horrors of war; but also merits of peace, science, culture and education.

What not to Design?
What we do not want to absolutely see as submissions: 1. Weapons : Please do not submit any weapons or designs that are aimed to hurt other people, our aim is not to fight a war; our aim is to fight the concept of war itself as such we do not want to see offensive technologies within this framework. 2. Non-Universal Propaganda : You can submit propaganda but it cannot be at the cost of other people; you must not divide, you must not point fingers, you cannot differentiate; if you make propaganda, focus on the truth; the horrors, the pain without pointing fingers to who cause it; because in the end we are not fighting a single war against a war; this is a fight against all wars; do not use flags, cultural or religious symbols to represent nations; focus on universal aspects; make your propaganda timeless; remember that this is not a one time thing; make sure your propaganda is relevant for any war not just one war; be universal. 3. Reduce horrors: If you design graphics, try to communicate your emotions, ideas and concepts without horror.

Dates and Deadlines
First Phase: Entries are accepted from March 20, 2022 till July 31, 2022. During April 7, 2022 to April 25, 2022 entries will be closed due to A’ Design Award Grand Jury voting process and results announcement for 2021-2022 edition but entries will be open again between April 25, 2022 till and July 31, 2022. First Phase Results will be announced on August 15, 2022 at Design for Peace Phase 1 - Public Voting page. Phase 2, will be open for entries from August 21, 2022 to September 15, 2022 while the public voting is ongoing, this way entries submitted earlier will benefit from more exposure and have more time to get votes. Phase 3 will be on September 21 when the Final Results are announced and communicated to winners.

Entry Fees and Costs (Fully Sponsored)
Submission and nomination fees are completely covered and paid by the A’ Design Award. The A’ Design Prize is also fully sponsored by A’ Design Award & Competition for all entries; it is free to submit and nominate a design to “Design for Peace” design competition.

Design Award DNA

Why should I join?
Your designs matter, you can make the World a better place by sending in your original design work that could make a positive impact on wellbeing of society and we will help you promote your work, free of charge. A’ Design Award is like a catalyst; we will take your message and amplify it, we will make sure your design reaches audiences far and beyond; so that your original good design ideas spread, such that media, prospective customers and clients learn about your well designed products, projects and services that could be useful and helpful in these trying times. This benefits you as a professional, company and institution, you will reach a wide audience to communicate your ideas, to communicate and present your products, to inform about your services and to showcase your projects, and this helps us achieve our goal of making the World a better place with good design, to create an awareness of understanding of good design. In the end, that's all we can do and we are doing our part. You will also be joining a good cause; you will make the World a better place with your good design that saves lives, that makes the World safer, healthier and better in all sense for all of us.

Who can join?
Entries are open to everyone; professional designers, artists, architects, manufacturers, brands, institutions as well as governments, from all countries and regions without no restrictions and limits. There are also no restrictions on if your design is new or old; if you have something useful that you designed many years ago, send it anyway if it is relevant and could help against current and future social issues, if it could help save the planet, if it could make it even a bit safer for citizens, civilians and people in need.

Design for Peace Award Prize
Design for Peace winners will get up to three (3) digital nomination tickets to join A' Design Awards depending on how good their work is if their work is selected as a winner. Digital nomination tickets may be used to nominate your work to A' Design Award & Competition to obtain all the digital benefits of the A' Design Prize.

Why will I not just get the A’ Design Award directly if I am winner of “Design for Peace” award?
This is because “Design for Peace” award has a much smaller jury panel compared to A’ Design Award Jury Panel (which has 220+ jurors) and we do not want to dilute A’ Design Award prestige by assigning all “Design for Peace” entries an A’ Design Award status, which is indeed awarded by a very large, expert and professional jury panel. What we do is, we will give you, if you win the “Design for Peace” award, digital nomination tickets to nominate any of your work to A’ Design Award. This way, “Design for Peace” winners can get their designs judged by the grand A’ Design Award jury panel and eventually have the opportunity to promote their works later as winner of A' Design Award..

Design for Global Peace

Ideas and Concepts
Below, we list several ideas and concepts for each and every design award category we have, these are just ideas, and you can submit any type of design that fits. The purpose of our competition is to promote and advertise original work that can help people in need.



Ideas and Proposal


Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design

Could we design furniture that could be easily manufactured, transported and deployed to areas of crisis? Could we create furniture that could later be converted and used for other purposes or recycled easily? Does it make sense to develop modular furniture? Can furniture protect us?


Packaging Design

Is it possible to have long lasting packaging that could protect provisions and essential food for extended periods of time? What kind of packaging can we create that does not create excessive trash, that could be used in humanitarian aid zones?


Architecture, Building and Structure Design

How can we design our buildings such that they protect and shelter us better? What sort of new buildings, perhaps prefabricated structures could be easily constructed and deployed to create temporary housing and amenities for the people in need?


Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design

Displaced populations need underwear, socks and also simple wear, coats and jackets. Can fashion companies create very low-profit products that could be purchased by other citizens to be distributed to people in need? Is it possible to create low maintenance clothing?


Lighting Products and Projects Design

Lighting is essential for everyone. How can lighting and illumination be innovated that could help people during transportation and sheltering. How can we reimagine lighting and illumination independent of the electric grid? Can we create self-sustained illumination?


Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design

Children are who gets it worst in any war. What kind of toys, games and hobbies could we create and distribute to children so that they do not think of the horrors of war but play their games cutely and innocently as the angels they all are? Can some toys save lives?


Digital and Electronic Devices Design

Can we create our digital and electronic devices to save our lives during times of crisis? Shall our devices also have radio capabilities that could still communicate when the networks are down? Should our devices have apps that educate and help us for survival?


Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design

How can we create interiors that are welcoming to displaced populations? How can we design our spaces to accommodate more? What kind of interiors could we build that serve multiple purposes, especially when the space is limited? Can we design better shelters?


Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design

How could we improve existing vehicles such that they support life easier? Are there simple solutions to implement that could help convert bus or trucks quickly into mobile living spaces or immigrant support centres? How can our vehicles protect us during war?


Interface and Interaction Design

What sort of interactive experiences could we create that support us during crisis? For example, could we design an application that teaches us basics of survival skills, simple technologies, shelter building and first aid? Can an interface make the difference between death and life?


Home Appliances Design

Could we design specialized home appliances designed for immediate mass production and deployment to crisis zones for helping displaced populations? What kind of mobile appliances can we build that could be easily transported? What kind of appliances can we operate without the grid?


Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design

We need propaganda posters against the very concept of war, but also we need infographics, how to guides, step by step instructions to help people during crisis to provide them with information they may need for their survival but also wellbeing. What can you draw?


Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design

Is it possible to use computer graphics and renderings to create quick to understand visual information that may be relayed to people in need the basic skills, technologies, tools and techniques they may need to not just survive but also thrive in hostile environments?


Photography and Photo Manipulation Design

How can we relay the concept of peace with Photographs? How could we use the power of images to convey emotions and desire towards a peaceful future? How can we demonstrate the horrors of wars without divulging in horrific images?


Engineering and Technical Design

What sort of engineering and technical design projects we could undertake to create quick relief and solutions for displaced populations? How could smart engineering help evacuate people from war zones? What kind of technical designs can save lives?


Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design

Is it possible to make especially large medical devices and instruments more mobile and transportable to war zones as well as refugee centres so that quick, on-location diagnosis and treatment could be made possible? How can we make cheap fast alternatives to larger devices?


Movie, Video and Animation Design

Can we use the power of film, cinema and animation to convey our feelings towards peace? How can we make propaganda for peace? Is it really not possible to propaganda against war without showing its horrors? What sort of animated media could we create?


Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design

Displaced populations, refugees, and people affected by war as well as natural disasters always need food first; however not all food are durable like honey; what kind of other, long-term food could be created that could easily be stored for decades to be used in times of need?


Building Materials and Construction Components Design

We need our buildings, especially public buildings exponentially stronger, more protective, not just during wars but also during natural disasters; how can we improve structural integrity of our buildings with top-notch building components?


Social Design

We need to focus on why the wars breakout at the first place; shall we address education and wisdom or should we focus on building a World where there are enough resources for everyone, or should we focus on creating deterrents for wars?


Idea Design

What new and original ideas that you can come up? What can you do about all this situation? What is your skill and how can you use your skill to help not just one person but millions? If you have any type of idea that can help, make sure to enter it to this competition.


Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design

Arts and Crafts mirror our society, our feelings and our emotions, and it is usually arts that is left behind; thousands of years later, our times will be forgotten but our arts may survive; how could we incorporate our desire for peace to our arts so that our feelings too survive the test of time?


Meta, Strategic and Service Design

In general, we need to address the fundamental issues that lead to wars and conflicts; what kind of strategic design principles could be used to avoid wars in the future? How can we create a better future that is avoid of violent conflict?


Office Furniture Design

Crisis centres, mobile hospitals, refugee shelters all need office furniture; can we create cheap to produce yet ergonomic and efficient office furniture that could be deployed to people and locations in need quickly and easily? What can we design?


Information Technologies Design

What sort of IT tools can we create, implement and make available to displaced people? How can we use the tools we already have at hand to help people in need, to help them connect, communicate, and also empower the people so that they could help themselves?


Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design

Wars and natural disasters both create displaced populations, displaced populations need everything from the very beginning; they need shelter and they need new cities to rebuild their society, our hardware, hand-tools can help with that, is there a way to make them more accessible?


Kitchen Furniture, Equipment and Fixtures Design

Where there are people, there is need for food, and thus need for kitchens, kitchen utensils, tools and hygienic spaces where food can be prepared. What sort of kitchen appliances could we develop to address the ongoing situation?


Heavy Machinery Design

It is easy to transport people when there are roads, and when skies are clean, however how can we quickly transport masses of people in rough terrain? Is there a need or possibility to have new and original heavy machinery that could help transport thousands of people at once?


Performing Arts, Style and Scenery Design

People forget very easily, but the tales, the folklore does not; how can we use our performing arts to create tales and folklore, to convey our emotions to future; to have a social memory that outlives us; so that we do not engage in war ever again?


Music, Audio and Sound Design

Most people do not like reading, yet most people love listening, and thus music is indeed one of the best ways to convey stories, ideas and feelings; how can we use our music, our sound design to convey our feelings towards peace?


Agricultural Tools, Equipment and Machinery Design

War does not just destroy cities and people but also the nature as well as agricultural areas. After wars, we need agriculture more than ever. What kind of agricultural machinery and equipment can we develop that could be cheaply and easily manufactured and distributed to the masses?


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Products Design

Shelters, refugee centres, temporary hospitals and temporary housing will all require heating, air conditioning and cooling equipment; can we develop low-cost low maintenance HVAC products that could easily be deployed to areas in need?


Robotics, Automaton and Automation Design

How can smart machinery, artificial intelligence and automation help us during times of crisis? Can we automate, at least partially, hospitals, care centres, food distribution centres such that limited manpower can be spent more efficiently?


Entertainment, Content Creation and Streaming Media Design

People always look for entertainment, let it be escapism or to enjoy life; how can we use the existing entertainment infrastructure to introduce topics similar to how companies would make product placement; instead of a product being placed; can we place ideas, can we promote peace?


Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design

What can the hospitality industry do for the ongoing situation? Hospitality industry had already been weakened due to virus, can the government and hospitality leaders come together to provide housing for the displaced meanwhile supporting the hotels, motels and accommodation businesses?


Futuristic Design

What sort of future technologies, services, ideas, projects and designs can you envision that will help us in future to protect us from natural and unnatural disasters, wars? How can we make the world a better place with good design?


Audio and Sound Equipment Design

Is it possible to imagine audio and sound equipment that could help people communicate better during times of duress? Is it possible to use existing audio and sound devices to ward animals, insects and rodents? Can we create devices that are self-sustained?


Video and Broadcasting Equipment Design

Could it be possible to create video and broadcasting equipment that could also work as security systems, such as for motion detection? Could we create equipment that have rugged long-term storage? Could we create equipment that serve as S.O.S. beacons?


Awards, Prize and Competitions Design

How could one organize self-sustained annual awards and recognition programs to promote peace? Is it possible to push governments worldwide to create peace awards that focus on awarding practical solutions such as designs, projects and processes that make a difference?


Event and Happening Design

What kind of peaceful events, activities, workshops, lectures, conferences, meetings and happenings may be organized against war? What can event venues do to help people in need, at least for short term housing solutions during times of crisis?


Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design

Which sports, recreation and entertainment equipment may be reused as in a ready-made fashion for creating solutions for people in need? Which products can be easily produces and effectively distributed to kids that need sport activities to forget the horrors of war?


Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design

Is there space for smart textiles and fabric that may serve dual purpose during times of crisis? Is it possible to produce textiles effectively to be used in temporary housing or sheltering purposes? Which existing fabrics may be repurposed?


Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design

How can existing safety clothing and personal protective equipment maybe converted and utilized for peaceful use; such as addition of camouflage, or by reinforcement of materials such that they may save lives in times of crisis?


Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design

Especially personal hygiene products are very relevant for this not just for woman and kids but for the elderly; is there possibility to mass product such products efficiently and distribute them effectively to areas that suffer from crisis?


Office and Business Appliances Design

Is there a way to make office appliances, especially printers more portable, less energy consuming, and perhaps even supply independent; such as not requiring toner or supplies to be operational such that they could be operated during crisis without worries?


Hospitality, Restaurant and Catering Products Design

How can we make catering to refugees more affordable, more sustainable; how can we create processes that provide hospitality and restauration solutions to people affected by war. What kind of products could be improved?


Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design

Animals unfortunately suffer the most in times of war, as all efforts focus on saving human lives, they remain neglected. You may come up with ideas, products, processes, and strategies that may allow transportation or sheltering.


Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment Design

There are many people who need access to extremely affordable camping gear and outdoor equipment that could be easily and effectively manufactured and distributed. If such items could also be repurposable they may make a difference.


Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design

Original jewellery and accessories that symbolize peace, including but not limited to do it yourself affordable items but even very high-end luxury products that can make a statement, the aim is to reach people from all segments of life.


Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design

Which type of bakeware, cookware, tableware, drinkware and cookware could be cheaply and effectively manufactured and distributed to the people in need. Which such products could be repurposed for alternative uses?


Baby, Kids and Children's Products Design

What type of products that could be created, manufactured and distributed easily to take care of the most precious treasures; our babies and kids in times of humanitarian crisis? Which products can be repurposed, ready-made into kids products?


Fashion and Travel Accessories Design

Is it possible to create several types of crisis ready luggage that contains everything a displaced person needs to take care of themselves? For collecting and purifying water, for cooking, for sheltering, and for cleaning and sanitizing? Such as a life luggage?


Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design

Stationary supplies matter during times of crisis; displaced kids need education and adults need written communication, art eases souls while literature creates permanent memories, all important to ensure there are no future wars, what do you think?


Prosumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design

Prosumer tools and machinery are especially important for restoration efforts as well as for constructing temporary shelters and spaces that are direly needed by displaced populations. Is it possible to create tools and equipment that is easy to manufacture but even more easy to distribute?


Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design

What type of security, safety and surveillance products that could be developed to be used effectively during times of crisis and war to protect civilian populations, shelters and medical centres? Which types of products can be created to provide fast safety solutions?


Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design

What types of sanitary ware and solutions could be developed that may be easily transported during times of crisis to people in need, to refugee shelters and humanitarian aid areas? What innovations are there possible for cheap and affordable sanitization?


Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design

Most manufacturing machinery are designed to be immobile, fixed to a certain location; however, during times of crisis, there may be need for having certain types of products manufactured directly at the final destination to save on logistics, is there space for mobile machinery?


Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design

Energy is always needed during times of crisis, could it be possible to develop cost effective, easy to transport, mass manufactured energy generation and storage devices that can help the people in need during times of crisis? Could it be possible to make super portable versions that can also have long shelf life?


Automotive Accessories and Car Care Products Design

What type of automobile accessories may be relevant during times of crisis? Is it possible to create for example transportation add-ons that are especially designed to turn ordinary cars into micro logistic transporters? What do it yourself solutions exist to fit more people to a car?


Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design

What type of innovation could you come up for garden and outdoor furniture to help people in need? Is it possible to create for example multi-use, multi-purpose benches or other products that could easily be transformed to beds or shelter furniture?


Street and City Furniture Design

Is there a way to create modular street furniture and city furniture that could be disassembled during times of crisis and later usable for building shelters or amenities for displaced people? Is there a space for city furniture that integrate for example first aid instructions or knowledge?


Landscape Planning and Garden Design

It it possible to design our gardens and landscapes in a way that they maybe repurposed as zones and locations for shelters and temporary housing for displaced people? Is it possible to integrate underground shelters for beautiful gardens and landscapes?


Urban Planning and Urban Design

How could cities be designed in a way to provide more protection and shelter for their people? What type of neighbourhood and district level projects be undertaken to improve protective capabilities of our cities, as in a nursery for our people?


Scientific Instruments and Research Equipment Design

There is always need for mobile diagnosis devices, products, kits and analysis devices that could easily be deployed to war zones, crisis areas and refugee zones for various research reasons, including but not limited to testing and identifying materials. What can be done?


Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design

How could the didactic materials and education content could be improved in a way that properly educates our children, our future about the benefits of peace and horrors of war as such to cultivate an educated population that resists wars all together.


Yacht and Marine Vessels Design

Is it possible to create specialized marine vessels such as mobile floating hospitals and refugee transportation and shelter ships to save, take care of, provide medical assistance to and shelter displaced people in times of humanitarian crisis?


Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design

What kind of land-based vehicles may be developed that could be easily deployed to the areas of war to protect, shelter and provide medical care to people in need? Does it make sense to create mobile hospitals or refugee support centres?


Industrial Equipment, Commercial and Heavy-duty Appliances Design

What type of innovative industrial equipment and commercial appliances be developed that could be effectively manufactured, easily transported and distributed to refugee shelters and humanitarian aid zones to help them with their daily lives?


Aerospace and Aircraft Design

What sort of innovation in aerospace industry could be realized that could help people in need in the fastest way possible? Is there financially feasible ways to create airborne technologies that could be instantly deployed to areas in crisis?


Communication Equipment, Devices and Apparatus Design

What kind of communication devices and equipment could be created and distributed to areas affected by war to help re-establish communications of people in need with each other and the rest of the world? How such devices can be made more affordable, sustainable and transportable?


Camera and Photography Equipment Design

How could camera and photography equipment be repurposed during times of humanitarian crisis, for example to provide safety and security of citizens, to help with surveillance in a way that creates a positive impact? What innovations are there?


Spacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design

What sort of space-based technologies can be developed and implemented to help people affected by war, which sort of innovations in space can create positive value for people affected by war? How can space bring us peace, such as perhaps by means of mining extra-terrestrial resources?


Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design

Procedural and algorithmic designs could be used to generate unique products that are material efficient, but also can be used to create original artworks; how can we implement these strategies to bring change to the world?


Digital and Broadcasting Media Design

Broadcasting and digital media will play one of the most prevalent roles when it comes to communicating the prospects of peace to the general public, what sort of content, media and broadcasting programs can we develop? What segments should we sponsor?


Print and Published Media Design

Books are permanent records that guide us to the future; what sort of books, guides and publications can we prepare that promote peace, that help us during tough-times, what sort of texts shall we record, print and publish so we avoid wars in future?


Construction and Real Estate Projects Design

After all wars and natural disasters, there is need for grand reconstruction projects that could bring life back to destroyed cities. What kind of real estate development could be made such that people can settle back to their own countries, for reverse immigration?


Musical Instruments Design

You may think what does musical instruments have anything to do with war, but they have everything to do with it; musical instruments have been used for millennia to convey our emotions and desires, it is worth thinking about it seriously.


Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design

You heard the stories; mothers, sisters, daughters could not leave their disabled mothers, differently abled brothers, and younger siblings; people with disabilities suffer most during humanitarian crisis, what kind of technologies can be created to empower them?


Public Awareness, Volunteerism, and Society Design

We are looking for projects, ideas, concepts and designs that could enhance and improve the public awareness and understanding of the problems, issues and catastrophe caused by natural disasters and wars. How can we design our society to be more resilient?


Repair, Restoration and Maintenance Products Design

We need products, tools and technologies to repair, restore and renovate after natural disasters and wars. What kind of repair and maintenance tools can we develop that could be quickly deployed during times of crisis? What are life-saving tools?


Manufacturing Materials, Industrial Parts and Supplies Design

After wars and disasters, the economy gets hit; jobs are lost, factories are destroyed; there is need for cheap, quick and efficient manufacturing tools, machinery and equipment that could give employment and job occasion to people, to help them move forward.


Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design

You cannot imagine how it is important for us to preserve and restore our cultural artifacts because our culture, our architecture are our memories as a society, and we have to restore our social minds; what kind of cultural heritage projects could be quickly undertaken?


Luxury Design

How can luxury projects incorporate humanitarian and social aid projects within their concepts? Can luxury projects be used to channel funds for humanitarian efforts? How can luxury stay relevant during times of war, disaster and conflict?


Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design

How can we design and build resilient mobile technologies and devices that continue to perform when the access to grid and internet is hard to come by? What kind of mobile apps can help people during times of crisis? How can we empower people with mobile tech?


Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design

We need better and more effective advertising and communication material to pull more people for efforts to support displaced populations and people affected from wars and natural disasters. What kind of ads and marketing could you develop?


Computers and Peripheral Devices Design

Access to internet and computers is a fundamental need for people of this century. What kind of computer devices and peripherals could we design that is perhaps rugged, or more portable or perhaps self-sustaining or maybe very easy to produce and distribute?


Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Implant Design

Not just during wars and disasters but it is always a necessity to help restore movement and capacity to people who may have been impacted by difficulties in life, however such implants and prosthetics are usually very expensive; what can we produce cheap but look and function great?


Wholesale, Retail Trade, Commerce and E-Commerce Design

How can e-retailers help and contribute to people suffering from crisis? Could it be possible to operate pro-bono, free of charge, basics and fundamentals marketplace where people affected by war could acquire, for free, the goods and services they need?


Wearable Technologies Design

What sort of wearable technologies and devices can we create to for example help track and protect civilians during times of conflict? Can we remote measure the life statics of a complete nation? What sort of innovation can we introduce that could help save lives?


Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Design

After times of natural disasters and wars there is always need to restore and rebuild infrastructure; what sort of infrastructure could we build that would be more resilient in future? How can we use our engineering capabilities to ensure our creations do not let people down?


Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design

Can we design footwear, boots and shoes that could easily be distributed to displaced populations in refugee centres and repopulation zones? How could we design our footwear such that it could be used for extended durations of times without issues, such as antibacterial coatings for example?


Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design

Does it make sense to design modular furniture accessories that could easily be transformed to other sorts of products during times of need? Can we make our accessories easier to recycle? How could furniture accessories protect and serve us during times of need?


Limited Edition and Custom Design

It it possible to create limited edition and custom products that commemorate all these issues, remind us of what happened and serve as a social memory, an heirloom that could serve as our message to future? What kind of custom products could be made?


Design Quality and Innovation Award

How can design quality and innovation technologies used to create products, projects and designs that are mass produced and easily transported to people in need? How can we make products more cost efficient to the point we could distribute them free of charge to people who need?


Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design

Displaced populations will need new spaces, new architecture and new cities to live on; how can sustainable and green design make a difference for such projects? Could we build our architecture to be self-sufficient when the connection to grid is lost?


Electronic and Video Game Design

How can we use electronic games to convey our emotions and feelings for peace; is it possible to develop games where the purpose is not to destroy the enemy but coerce them to be peaceful by means of diplomacy and culture? Does this even make sense?


3D Printed Forms and Products Design

Like a colony in space, a refugee centre needs everything but lacks everything at the same time; does it make sense to use 3D printing equipment to 3D print and produce products and solutions on demand and on site? What kind of products and tools should have priority; for example perhaps small medical devices, supports?


Disposable and Single-Use Product Design

Refugee centres will need a significant number of disposable and single-use products that are easy and cheap to be produced, transported and distributed; however can we make these products more efficient, cheaper and more easier to be transported and more eco-sustainable?


Website and Web Design Awards

What sort of websites and interactive experiences can we develop to help people during times of need? Can we build tools to connect families together? Can we build platforms to help with security? How about websites where people could gather emotional support?


Artificial Life and Synthetic Biology Design

Is there cost-effective ways to reproduce organs and tissues to be transplanted and grafted to people who suffer from natural disasters and wars? How can we use synthetic and artificial biological manufacturing to help people who need it the most? How can we heal wounds faster?


Adult Toys and Products Design

How can adult toys and products help during times of duress? Could it be possible to create campaigns such that a percentage of profits goes to relief efforts? How can adult product industry help displaced people who suffer from disasters and wars?


Methods, Techniques and Strategies Design

What kind of future and current methods, strategies and techniques could we develop to extinguish wars? Can our social technologies be useful in mitigating wars? How could people protect themselves during times of war and natural disasters?


Legwear, Pantyhose and Hosiery Design

When the night falls, it gets cold no matter where; displaced populations will need legwear that can keep them warm and safe. Is it possible to quickly manufacture affordable legwear that could be distributed and given away to displaced populations?


Industrial Design

What kind of industrial products and projects could be undertaken to reduce the suffering and ease the pain of people affected by wars and natural disasters? How can we make our products accessible, transportable and serviceable easily so that they could be used in disaster zones?


Spatial Design

How can we design our spaces and architecture to protect the populations to the maximum extent possible during times of stress? What are some spatial design innovations could we undertake? How can we make our buildings better, stronger and more durable?


Graphics Design

What are some original and innovative ways to use graphics design to communicate our ideas, desires and emotions towards universal peace? What types of graphics design could be developed to convey our feelings? Can we make posters, memes, cartoons?


Strategic Design

How can we use strategic design principles to redesign the world such that there are bigger deterrents to wars. What sort of strategic design tools could we incorporate to our society to ensure no such disasters and wars take place again in the future?


Interaction Design

Can we design interaction designs projects and interactive experiences that help us convey our feelings, emotions, and ideas? How can we use interaction design as a tool to combat aggression? What kind of interactive innovations can we create to serve us as social memory?


Structured Product Design

How can we redesign our financial systems to be more resilient during times of crisis? How can we ensure our money, our tokens do not lose their worth during times of crisis? How can we carry our accumulated hard work, in form of wealth, with us when we are displaced?


Advanced Design and Design Research Award

What kind of advanced design projects can we undertake to provide solutions to people affected by wars and natural disasters? What shall we focus first? How do we re-integrate displaced people back to civilization? What kind of civil innovations shall we undertake?


Actor, Talent and Model Design

Can we design actors, talent and influencers to represent people affected by wars and natural disasters; to serve as spokespeople, representatives of their voice? What kind of social engineering and communication could be undertaken to improve empathy?


Core Resources Manufacturing and Extraction Design

During times of war, it could get harder to extract natural resources, but people still need them. How can we redesign our mining equipment and heavy machinery to be able to operate during times of natural disasters, wars and stress? What innovations can we make?


Design for X Award

Design for peace. Design for relief. Design for help. What can you design to promote peace? What can you design to provide relief to people? What can you design to help people? What sort of art, architecture, design, engineering and innovation could we bring forward to promote peace and provide relief to people?


Business Plan and Corporate Operational Plans Design

Is there space for developing non-profit business plans, creating new non-profit organizations and institutions that could provide relief and support to people who have been displaced, affected and hurt by wars and natural disasters? How can we make these self-sustaining?


Creative Industry and Lifelong Design

What can you personally design, innovate, create and ideate to promote peace and to help people in need? What are your personal capabilities, tenets and skills that may be useful to help masses of displaced and disaster affected people? How can you use your capacities to help?


Human Resources and HR Programs Design

Is it possible to develop HR programs such that there is for example a special quote for hiring people affected by wars and disasters? This is especially relevant because shortly after quick relief, all these people will need long term support and jobs to be integrated back to society in an honourable manner.


Chemical Products and Consumables Design

What kind of chemical products and consumables can we create that could be cost-effectively, quickly and easily manufactured, and transported to the disaster zones to be made available to people who need them for cleaning, hygene and to sustain their daily lives?


Sales, Contact Center and Customer Service Design

How can sales and contact centres act to provide solutions to help people in need? Could sales and contact centres use 30 mins each day to solicitate funds and help for people in need? Maybe the mere act of calling and informing people may help?


Diligence and Intelligence in Design

What sort of design projects could be undertaken by large enterprises and institutions to tackle problems faced by displaced populations, people affected from wars and disasters? How can companies use their R&D departments to create and propose solutions?


Social and Behavioral Sciences Design

What kind of social projects can we undertake to create value for people in dire need of help? How can we engage in behavioural science projects to ensure our civilization is more welcoming to refugees and displaced people who escape from war zones and disasters?


Natural Sciences and Mathematics Design

What can natural sciences and mathematics do to help provide relief? Can we come up with new game-theory applications, mathematical models and scientific breakthroughs to help people and ease their suffering? How can hard sciences help people in need?


Unexpected Design

What are some ideas, concepts, prototypes, solutions and proposals that no one thinks about? What are some ideas that we do not know but worth a shot to help relief? What can we test, experiment and try to provide support and help to people affected by disasters?


Young Design

How can young designers use their dynamic energy to come up with solutions, ideas and proposals to help people? What can you design, as a young designer in fields of art, architecture, design that could help provide support and aid people that got hurt by wars and disasters?


Writing, Literature and Content Design

We need a social memory, a permanent recollection of what has happened; we need to document, note and store the situation such that in future we have books, texts and content that we could rely on; maybe we note our solutions, maybe we note our emotions?


Excellence in Design

How can creative agencies, design offices and R&D companies help? What sort of out of the box thinking, innovation and quick tinkering is there to explore? How can we quickly and effectively deploy design tools and design thinking to provide rapid solutions against wars and disasters?


Banking and Finance Instruments Design

Which types of banking and finance instruments shall we design to help people that suffer from disasters and wars? Can we make our banking and financial systems resilient in times of turmoil, disaster and wars? How can our economy protect our people as well as refugees?


Information Processing Tools Design

How and which types of information processing tools; software, databases and applications that we could develop to help people affected by wars and disasters? How can we use our IT tools to promote peace? What types of IT innovations can we explore within this scope?


Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries Design

When wars and disasters hit, the agriculture becomes more important than ever because it is food that is at the top of the Maslow pyramid of needs; we all need sustenance; how can we reinforce our agricultural industries to be able to respond spikes in demand during times of crisis?


Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design

How can different disciplines come together to create novel solutions, incremental innovations and ideas to tackle social and practical issues created due to wars and natural disasters? How can we use multidisciplinary thinking to promote and advertise peace?


Governance and Public Services Design

How can we reform and update our governance and public services to create value to all our people as well as refugees and displaced people who are escaping from wars and natural disasters? How can we design our society to be able to withstand social hardships together?


Creative Legacy, Retro and Evergreen Design

What sort of older, vintage designs can we resurface, reintroduce and remind people to help during times of wars and disasters? Can we refine old war propaganda and turn them into peace propaganda? How can we make use of what we already have in our hands?


Radical Innovation and New Technologies Design

Can we develop really radical and highly innovative technologies that could help us provide instant, cost-effective relief and support to people who are suffering from wars and natural disasters? What kind of innovations and technologies can we pursue to help people?


Ease of Use and Universal Design Awards

Life is though in refugee shelters, disaster and war zones; we need products and projects that are easy to understand, easy to use. What kind of universal design practices and principles can you integrate to existing products to make them easier to operate and maintain?


Public Utility Products and Services Design

How can we redesign our public utilities and services to be more resilient and more affective during times of duress? How can public utilities keep operating when the connection to grid or internet is lost? How can we make our systems self-sustaining during times of war and disaster?


Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Restore, Repair and Upcycle Design

Once the war and disaster is over, there is a lot of rubble a lot of waste to clean; how can we affectively tackle this problem? How can we easily, cost-effectively and healthily turn waste into new products or energy that could be used by people affected by disasters and wars?

How much does it cost?
It costs no money to join, but you should consider your time as a cost too, then again; do you have better things to do then helping mankind? If so, do those great things, otherwise if you are stuck at your home in self-isolation or government mandated isolation, then you do not have a time cost either.

What’s in it for the A’ Design Award?
We are doing our part; we will be promoting original and innovative designs, create a public awareness and achieve our goal and mission; which is to advance society with good design. We will allocate man hours and resources to promote designs, products and projects that could help against the current issues and future ones. What will you do about it? Will you help us create world peace with your original designs?

What happens to my Intellectual Property and Design Rights?
You keep your rights. You grant us a license so that we could publish and promote your work and let others such as press members do the same, but you should check our terms and conditions to understand better because the license you grant us is extensive and allows us to use your design in many ways including making books, websites and what not. Rest assured that we are not going to for example take your product design idea and make it a product and sell it. We respect you and your intellectual property.

How do I join?
We are looking for your designs. To start uploading your work first please (1) download presentation guidelines. (2) Create an A’ Design Award Account. (3) Login and upload your work. (4) Nominate your work to special award category “Design for Peace”.

What can you do?
Press Members: Promote the “Design for Peace” design competition and similar other initiatives. Feature designs that respond to the pandemic situation. Designers: Design original and innovative quickly realizable solutions, or submit your existing designs to “Design for Peace” award so that we could see it, and promote it. Companies: Enter your products to promote the “Design for Peace”, we will promote and advertise your products and solutions. Governments: Support and share initiatives such as this one, employ policies to promote design as a way to prevent and fight future social issues, Design-loving Citizens: Share the “Design for Peace” award in social media and promote designs that make an impact.

How can I promote this?
Share in your social networks and let everyone know, that there is a “Design for Peace” design award where any type of design which could help create value to society is recognized and awarded. Tell to your designer friends, companies and governments. Link to this page and use #DesignMatters #DesignForPeace hashtags.

Design Award for Peace

A' Design Award and Competition is a synthetically developed design accolade founded with a heartfelt vision and mission to make the World a better place with good design.

Title: Design for Peace
Deadline: 2022-09-15 23:59:59 - Thursday, 15 September'22 23:59:59 CEST
Eligibility: Open to General Public

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