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Details about Museo del Design Call for Ideas - a custom competition, organized and managed by A' Design Award and Competition. Please kindly note that this is not one of the Official A' Design Award categories.

Call for Ideas
Getting involved with building a new design museum represents a pinnacle of achievement in the careers of many designers, artists, architects, engineers and design agencies. You are being invited to participate in the conversion for creation of Museo del Design, a new super contemporary design museum in Como, Italy. With this call for ideas, we wish to articulate our vision and mission, communicate our concept, and expand and augment our understanding and foster new ideas for growth. Ultimately, our aim is to obtain the highest level of excellence and envision a grand concept that helps Museo del Design establish itself as the World’s greatest super contemporary design museum, with its mandate benefiting good designers, artists and architects such as yourself.

Before you read anything at all, just think of this: Museo del Design, in essence, is a design museum. What do you need from this new museum? How can you profit from this new design museum? What can the museum give to you? How can the museum contribute to your prestige, fame and status? What can the museum help you to support you? How can this museum advance your career? We want to know all these because, this museum is all about you. With this special competition, we primarily wish to know what could we enhance, what ideas we could implement to make the design museum better such that it delivers the best outcomes and value for you?

First and foremost, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, we would like to present you the Museo del Design “Master Concept”, and the Museo del Design “First Space” in Como, Italy and the Museo del Design “Merchandise and Communication” as three distinct categories for which you can submit an idea for. For us there is a distinction between the overall concept, the physical space and their communication thereof, and the merchandise within, and we are pleased to consider new ideas to expand our master concept as well as to better our physical space and of course we are happy to review any merchandising and communication ideas.

Before you start any design or submit any ideas, however we will be very honest with you; we actually have everything already sorted out, we have plans ready, merchandise ready, communication designs ready and we have a grand master concept and an unique origin concept, you should know in advance that our aim for making this public call for ideas is actually not to have more ideas; we have plenty of great ideas, but we do still make this call for ideas because we respect you as the World’s leading designers, artists and architects and we though you would like to have an opportunity to contribute your ideas before things get concrete, even though we have everything ready, we are actively listening and we are ready to abandon our existing designs, ideas and concepts to reflect and build upon any of your amazing ideas. We have listed a lot of perks and benefits for thanking you for getting involved but also, we have included in this page a very important disclaimer and additional terms that governs your participation.

Design Award DNA

Museo del Design “Origin Concept”
Museo del Design wishes to challenge the established norms and expectations on what modern design and contemporary art museums are. Almost all designs museums worldwide have been established as local architectural icons, education experiences, inspiration centres, cultural heritage preservation centres and social hubs that inspire and educate the public; that’s great but not enough; first of all, we wish to move from a local to global perspective; by making the exhibitions more international and more inclusive by having works from artists, architects, engineers, designers and innovators from across the globe included, showcased and displayed in our permanent collection, and then also by communicating and representing the showcased works in over hundred different languages, but also by opening new, other Museo del Design branches and locations in other countries and continents, making the Museo del Design truly global from all perspectives. Secondly, we want to focus on now; almost all design museums are about collecting, preserving and storing artifacts; they are design history museums, repositories of historically important designs; however good design is trendy, fashionable and timely, we believe in exhibiting super contemporary designs; designs created within the last few years with a high focus on designs created this year; Museo del Design is now. Museo del Design aims to honour current and living designers today. Finally, up to this point, almost all design museums have been government initiatives, subsidized and controlled by the government, dependent, under influence of politics; we want to create an independent, apolitical museum, that can sustain itself, that can decide for itself; therefore, we wish to add a commercial dimension that both sustains the museum but also covers recreation, enjoyment and pleasure; with an interesting and original experience design. In collaboration with the World Design Consortium, the Museo del Design will also function as a commercial centre where you could find amazing designers, artists, architects, architectural offices and design studios, to commission, hire or consult for your next project. When it comes to pleasure and enjoyment, Museo del Design will be all about making its visitors happy; we believe this is easy with coffee and sugar, if not by the finest sparkling wines accompanied with exclusive gifts as well as an ambient that features selfie and auto-photography spots where one can immortalize the experience. Sustainability of course has two sides to its equation, income and expenditures; Museo del Design locations also aim to be ecological as well as financially sustainable through recurrent cost reductions by means of proper energy system design, energy collection, good isolation, and project design that targets low maintenance and running costs by intelligent choices.

Design Award DNA

Sub-Category I: Museo del Design “Master Concept”
Museo del Design is not a building. Museo del Design has been designed like a genetically engineered super mushroom that spreads and grows fast. In the end, with Museo del Design, we want to create the World’s largest, most international, most diffused and most contemporary design museum, but not as a single entity, not a single space, not a single location, and not a single look; our master concept is like the mycelium network that sustains and empowers the project. Museo del Design aims to open many new branches and new spaces in many other cities in many other countries in short time. Today, we are asking you to contribute to the primal genetic code of this amazing organism with your unique ideas, concepts and proposals, to help create a DNA that will help the Museo del Design to achieve growth, strength and resilience, to deliver goodwill, goodness and inspiration to millions of design, architecture and art starved generations. Museo del Design is more than a grand space. Museo del Design is of course a museum, of course has an exhibition space but also acts as a design faculty, a design hotel, a design bar, a design library, a design café and a meeting place for designers. Think of artist residency programmes that hosts architects, artists and designers from across the globe, workshop spaces where established design professionals teach their design skills, fully equipped laboratories for different kinds of art and design realization and prototyping, professional design courses and meeting places, in addition to inspirational museum collection and exhibition gallery, a space to learn new skills, develop existing ones, realize and communicate ideas and of course get inspired. Museo del Design is a monument to good design, where we honour and show our respects to good designers, great designers and amazing artists of our era. We almost forgot to mention that there would of course also be a museum shop, a design store, which will help the museum sustain itself. We expect you, for the “Master Concept” of Museo del Design to send us design strategy, strategic design, advanced design and meta-design ideas, business plans, and any other proposals that relates to reinforcing and expanding the “Master Concept”. In general, we are looking for ideas that reduce operational costs, recurrent costs and maintenance fees, meanwhile we are looking for ideas that help attract more visitors, create publicity, and create supplemental revenue; we know and agree that fee-generating spaces such as museum shops, retail spaces, conference rooms, auditoriums, function rooms and venues could help generate supplemental income, and looking for new and novel entrepreneurial ways to create more publicity and more value for the museum.

Design Award DNA

Sub-Category II: Museo del Design “First Space”
The ground zero of Museo del Design Concept is the Museo del Design First Space in Como, Italy. This space will focus on four elements of the Museo del Design concept; these elements are the Museum, the Exhibition Gallery, the Monument and the Café. The “Museum” is where we exhibit good design; think of digital screens and physical shelves and display cases to showcase good designs of an ever-growing permanent collection. “Exhibition Gallery” is a flexible space that we could organize thematic exhibitions for award-winning designers, artists and also architects. The “Monument” is where we honour grand designers, artists and architects that includes but not limited to “Hall of Fame” where photos of exalted artists, architects and designers are showcased, “Golden Letters in History” wall where names of best designers, artists and architects are written in gold letters, “Rosetta Bottles of Immortality” area where statements from best designers are translated and showcased in all languages, “Revered Relics of Creators” installation where we display artifacts from designers, “Eternal Wall of Legends” where we showcase names of grand designers, this time in a special medium that could last over thousands of years, “A Piece of Myself” installation which is where we exhibit the designers rather than their work and “Test Tubes of Time” installation where we showcase pens and tools belonging to master designers, artists and architects. Then we also have a “Café” area where our esteemed guests can enjoy cup of artisanal caffè macchiato, cappuccino, as well as cold soft drinks and of course finest Italian prosecco. These thematic spaces are all essential in our first space and we will realize these four main elements first and we will not realize “Hotel”, “Restaurant”, “Faculty” “Art Residency”, “Workshop Space”, “Forum”, “Theatre”, “Library”, “Media Laboratory”, “Prototyping Laboratory” and other ancillary spaces within the first space; we do not have enough space within the first space for everything; we will focus on “Café”, “Monument”, “Museum” and “Exhibition Gallery” elements of our general concept which we define as the prime elements; to repeat it once more, the first space will focus on four prime elements; the “Café”, the “Monument”, the “Museum” and the “Exhibition Gallery”. These four elements can have their distinct spaces and/or integrate to one another, especially the “Monument” element, which is made of multiple installations could be spread over all other spaces. Finally, there should be a minimal and small entrance and ticket counter. You will notice we did not mention a museum shop as an element we aim to have for the first space, we will have a museum shop in future space expansions, but not within our first space; basically, we aim to acquire adjunct spaces so any extension or new functionality will have their own new space, and any such new extension will not be realized within the first space for which we present you the plans for. For “First Space”, we expect you to, at your sole discretion, provide us with any ideas or concepts you may have in mind, these ideas could be at any stage; you can send us both simple drafts but also complete technical designs and blueprints that we would seriously consider.

What we want to be able to by time : Museo del Design gives immense attention to satisfy needs of visitors with beautifully made amenities and our special hospitality policy ensures that the museum visitors are revitalized, refreshed and restored after their visit. Museo del Design created its exhibition for enjoyment and happiness of visitors, where visitors have fun and socialize with their friends and family by taking part in dynamic installations and utilizing selfie and photography spots. Museo del Design, a super contemporary design museum, is where you belong you as a good designer, and where you will have the opportunity get your design exhibited and name promoted in the most respectable and reputable manner. Museo del Design communicates its collection in almost all languages and follows universal design principles to ensure that all visitors have a pleasant, accessible and inclusive experience when visiting the museum. Museo del Design’s interior design follows a Hamiltonian path where each visitor is oriented to visit each gallery space only once, making it easy to find your way around as well as discover the complete collection. Museo del Design functions as a design hub through innovative and creative programs, enhanced social spaces and workshop areas. Museo del Design supports a yearly updated, super contemporary exhibition as well as a permanent collection both of which we wish to develop and expand by increasing the number of our exhibition galleries and branches. Museo del Design stands for quality and aspires to achieve the best possible execution and realization for even the most minute and minuscule details, surface finishing, object lighting and presentation. Unlike a regular building, special attention is given to fire protection at Museo del Design. Manual fire alarms as well as automated control systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors and automated fire detectors are implemented since the first five minutes of a fire is indeed more important than the next 50 minutes; quick action allows the minimum damage to objects and visitors. In addition to fire control systems, the architectural and interior design is made in such a way to reduce fire hazards, by using fire proof components and fire-retardant coatings. Museo del Design’s fund-raising efforts are sustained through our progressive accomplishments and anticipations for our ongoing creative and constructive processes that aim to provide a grand, positive experience to all partakers. We are very pleased that the designers take joy in seeing the project realized and their designs exhibited within. Natural light creates disadvantages in the design museum setting due to over exposure and risks of damage to light sensitive objects, therefore Museo del Design uses artificial lights with high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and reduced UV and IR exposure to create a controlled lighting environment that allows easy eye adaptability. These are what we wish to say, however, to remind you, for the “First Space”, we expect you to focus more on the “Café”, “Monument”, “Museum” and “Exhibition Gallery” elements, and more as rough concepts rather than detailed ideas (but of course you may also send detailed ideas if you so desire).

Things to consider during design of “First Space” : Hamiltonian Itinerary. Visitors should be able to walk through the space without backtracking or getting lost, preferably following a single path passing through all the spaces only once, single path design allows easier visitor movement and results in higher object discovery and exploration rates. Welcoming Entrance : Point of entry should provide a welcoming public interface, and should attract bypassers and help overcome psychological barriers, hesitance and fears. Bureaucratic Compliance : Due to local laws and regulations, as well as for engineering concerns, structure cannot be modified. Do not demolish any elements or make changes to the building structure. Elemental Focus : For the “First Space”, we wish to focus on “Café”, “Monument”, “Museum” and “Exhibition Gallery” spaces. We do not need object storage space, loading bays, load platforms, unpacking rooms, register rooms, cleaning rooms, sterilising rooms or isolation rooms. We do not need checkroom, cloakroom, or luggage lockers. We do not need museum shop or retail spaces. We do not need an auditorium, lecture hall, education room or performance hall. We do not need function rooms and venues. We do not need conservation labs, prototyping laboratories, model studios, museum libraries, teaching spaces, study rooms, classrooms, photography studios, machine shops, production workshops or equipment storage. We do not need staff lockers, lunch rooms, lounges, quiet rooms, break areas, security rooms, monitor rooms or rooms for managers, office spaces or meeting rooms. These all will be realized in time when available space expands through acquisitions. We do not need a foyer or large entrance, but we need the minimal ticket office. We need gallery halls and exhibition spaces and displays. We need a café, bar or catering area. We need a proper bathroom. We need some areas designated to honour the designers, such as wall of fame. Our aim is to maximize available exhibition space meanwhile also maintaining a decent garden and café areas to provide restoration and refreshment to our visitors. Just Relax : You do not need to design whole space; this is not an architectural competition, this competition is mostly for general ideas and you do not even need to design anything new; for example, you can send us your templates and drawings for accessible bathrooms for example, for our reference, even such templates, layouts and snippets could be useful for us, then of course you can also send your sketches, doodles, and all sort of ideas and concepts for the space.

Download : Museo del Design Architectural Drawings in DWG and PDF formats compressed archive as zip file.

Golden Pro Tips for Museum Space Design : The following information is a gold mine; this is what we learn after consulting with many experts, visiting over 100 design museums and also reading 40 books on design museums and cultural heritage and artifact preservation, read and learn for yourself. (1) Achieving consistent and pleasant exhibition and display lightning requires not only expert engineering and good science but also tasteful art and aesthetics, and is one of the primary goals of Museo del Design. For the most pleasant museum experience, Museo del Design aims to have display spaces to have 3:1 lighting ratio (and up to 5:1 luminance ratio in certain cases, especially for illuminating smaller objects that require more light to show their details), where the objects are expected to be three times brighter than the ambient environment since studies show that the human eye first focuses on the brighter areas, and then the dark spots. In addition to ensuring that the design objects are the brightest elements within the space, Museo del Design uses glazed glasses that eliminate wavelengths below 400 nm to protect objects from UV radiation, in addition to using LED lights that do not emit any UV radiation. (2) Damage from Light Wavelength : Spectrum wavelength, light color, determines the relative damage factor (RDF) given equal amount of rays. 546 nm yellow-green light has 1 RDF. 436 nm blue light has 22 RDF. 405 nm blue-violate light has 60 RDF. 389 nm violate light has 90 RDF. 365 nm ultraviolet light has 135 RDF. (3) To reduce damage to exhibited works, especially printed graphics, textiles and similar sensitive objects you need to think of proper lighting design as well as relative humidity and temperature control. For sensitive objects, you should limit light exposure to 50 lux, and you should limit the relative humidity to 40%, and keep the exhibit at 21 degrees Celsius. Normal objects may survive within a range of 40% to 50% relative humidity (some objects require higher humidity in order not to try out such as wood), 100-200 lux exposure, and shall be kept 21 degrees Celsius. Insensitive objects, such as ceramics and objects that have special coating may have more light exposure, up to 300 lux. For all objects, use a high CRI lamp without UV. Ambient temperature of the museum shall be between min 21 winter to max 24 C summer. Objects that require dry ambient shall be placed within a space that has 20% to 35% relative humidity, 21 to 24 Celsius degrees ambient temperature. Objects that require cool conditions shall be in 25% to 35% relative humidity, 4 Celsius degrees ambient temperature. Ultraviolet radiation should be limited to 75 microwatts/lumen for insensitive objects and up to 10 microwatts/lumen for sensitive objects. Think for glare and reflection when designing locations of light and displays. (4) When it comes to communications, 100 mm height text is readable from a distance of 2.5 meters. 150mm readable 4.5 meters, 200 mm readable 6m, 75mm / 2m (min overhead suspended text height), 50mm / 1.5m, 25mm / 0.75 m. Arrows on the floor could be useful for directing viewers. (5) For load bearing structures, keep these in mind: Shelves need to bear 72kg/m2, book storage 132kg/m2, heavy storage 215kg/m2. (6) If you place any seating, use good industrial design products, use chairs and or benches with back support for seniors. Think of accessibility for differently abled persons. (7) Intelligently managing staffing costs are one of the most important ways to obtain sustainable operation budgets for design museums; it is essential to design the Museo del Design in a way that would require the minimum number of operational staff. (8) Other things that may add value: Nice restrooms; big and accessible. Art deco details. Storage for backpacks, strollers, bags or coats. Emergency or utilities cabinet. Arrangement of openings and movement graph. Visual flow pattern. (9) Lower-height galleries are advantageous when presenting intimate works. Variations in scale and height between galleries contribute to a more interesting visitor experience. (10) Design for people, make visitors happy and engaged.

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Sub-Category III: Museo del Design “Autophotography and Selfie Spots”
We need to have several very interesting but not space consuming elements where visitors could take selfies or photographs; these are very important as not only the visitors will be able to market the design museum by sharing such photos, but also as immortalization of their visits and exhibits, for a more pleasant experience and for good memories. Here, we would like to present some ideas we have: (1) You as an object; cube where you go in, get photo taken. Glass front square within glass. Logo below square. (2) Place your design object; a location, an open-ended display case in the design museum where you can showcase and display your own work for about 30 seconds, as long as it is clean and as long as it will not break or damage the display, and also as long as it is something decent. (3) Museo del Design has created 27 different crowdfunding elements, some of them may indeed function as natural selfie spots, these are noted at the Museo del Design’s website which we invite you to visit, as it is important for you to know these when developing the concepts further.

Download : Museo del Design Architectural Drawings in DWG and PDF formats compressed archive as zip file.

Design Award DNA

Sub-Category IV: Museo del Design “Communication”
For Communication Design sub-category, you can provide conceptual designs, ideas, templates and sketched for exhibition display signage, exhibition gallery wayfinding symbols and graphics language proposals for tickets, posters as well as website and interactive design ideas. Using our existing logo you can make variant graphic works, interesting artwork that incorporates our logo including but not limited to 3D work, photography and other graphics that we could use when promoting the museum. You may use the existing logo to create proposals for office stationery, name card designs, flyers and more. Submit any and all relevant graphics, interaction and illustration work you please. When submitting graphic work, make sure you own all the photographs, images and illustrations you use within your entry and/or you must have the necessary rights to provide us with the extensive license we need for any visual or text you incorporate to the proposals.

Download : Museo del Design Logo in PDF, EPS, AI, LWG, PNG formats compressed archive as zip file.

Design Award DNA

Sub-Category V: Museo del Design “Merchandise”
In general, what do you think when you hear design museum merchandise? Most design museum stores sell these items; design museum canvas bags, pens, pencils, mugs, neckties, notebooks, t-shirts, magnets, replicas of exhibited works, posters, and designer toys and products. You can submit proposals of how we could implement the existing logo on canvas bags, pens, pencils, mugs, neckties, notebooks, t-shirts, magnets and posters or you may propose new and original merchandise, designer toys and similar. Indeed, one of our ideas is to create Designer Trading Cards as a unique merchandise that we plan to sell as booster packs; think of illustrations from famous illustrators, architectural plan details, macro details of industrial products as well as memes, sketches and drafts from award-winning artists, designers and architects. When submitting merchandise think small; especially small because tourists buy them and they will have to put these to luggage; they must be small, easy to carry; but also, when you make the merchandise small, they are cheaper to produce and also use less materials and are better for environment; think small but think industrial. We can however combine industrial and artisan; we could have artisan merchandise, and even original artworks that we could sell; however, for such items, we need to come up with standardized sizes and templates for packaging and display purposes. For Merchandise Design category, you may be interested in downloading our logo package and then you may wish to create derivative works that integrate the Museo del Design logo as part of new product proposals. When submitting new product proposals, always take the photos yourself, this way you will be the owner of images and you will have the right to provide us the license we need.

Download : Museo del Design Logo in PDF, EPS, AI, LWG, PNG formats compressed archive as zip file.

Design Award DNA

Museo del Design Call for Ideas - Submission Perks and Benefits
First of all, there are no rewards, benefits or perks whatsoever that we promise legally; we are not promising to distribute any rewards or provide you with any benefits or perks; we may at our sole discretion decide not to award any entries or we may decide to provide many benefits. Join at your own risk. That being said, we have many potential rewards that we do not legally promise but we hope to have an opportunity to distribute if we have good entries or ideas that’s worth it. Here are some examples : (1) We may write your name in golden letters permanently or temporarily in the design museum. (2) We may display your idioms, adages and quotes at the design museum, translated to hundred plus languages. (3) We may display your relics and artefacts, such as the pen you use for creating your works and/or tools you use for designing and/or your childhood items, your notebook or sketchbook in the  design museum. (4) We may create a custom ceramic brick with your name 3D engraved and permanently etched; we may place this brick to the museum walls. (5) We may provide you space to exhibit your product or works in the design museum. (6) We may provide you with an exclusive private exhibition opportunity in the design museum. (7) We may keep your time capsule in the design museum. (8) We may provide you with an amazing merchandise kit. (9) We may display your name at the design museum website, citing you as a founder, patron, benefactor or advisor to the design museum. (10) We may place your corporate logo within the museum at our sponsors’ wall. (11) Whenever someone visits the museum, we may give them your name card or flyer, allowing design-oriented audiences to discover you. (12) We may hang your portrait photo in the design museum at the Hall of Fame. (13) We may place your products and items in our design shop at the museum. (14) We let you benefit from one of the crowdfunding items we list at the Museo del Design website at (15) We may provide you with one or many A’ Design Award professional or digital nomination tickets - The A’ Design Prize consists of exhibition space allocation in Italy as well as several other countries, exhibition poster preparation, digital screen showcase, yearbook page preparation, hardcover yearbook, gala-night participation, award ceremony invitation, business network inclusion, 3d printed metal trophy, printed and framed A4 certificate, A3 certificate, A3 poster, press release preparation, public relation services, PR visibility package, daily mention, designer of the year nomination, designer interviews, video interviews, design hero campaign, press kit preparation, press kit distribution, award winner logo as well as physical components of the winner kit such as winner flag, pins, badges, merchandise, award winner stickers and more. (16) We may provide you with a business card, where your name is noted as an advisor to the museum. (17) You may gain social recognition and taking part may contribute to your individual development. (18) We may come up with even more unique ways to make you happier, however as you see the potential rewards are very warried, and we do not know at this point what to expect; we however believe in (but not legally promise) the first law of alchemy; equivalent exchange, so we will judge your contribution and we will most likely (to remind you again, we do not legally promise to) provide something in return, of equal value.

Design Award DNA

Terms and Conditions
We are sorry that A’ Design Award and the Museo del Design (referred to as “us”, “ours” and “we” onwards), have to put this long disclaimer and additional terms that is rather though; yet you agree to these terms by submitting any idea or intellectual property and we have to remind you that our purpose in organizing this call for ideas is to provide a possibility for designers to get involved and contribute ideas to Museo del Design, without creating any additional financial costs, obligations or burden for us, and we especially placed and put in effect this disclaimer and additional terms because otherwise the real cost to us would potentially be the legal costs of dealing with artists, designers and architects who would rightfully or not rightfully think, say or state that we used their ideas, with or without their name and who would potentially argue that we did not compensate them enough or well enough; so we are outright stating that first of all there would be no compensation of any kind – at least we do not promise anything legally; and secondly we will also have the right to use any ideas submitted to this call without your permission, without even mentioning your name, without crediting your name, without informing you. We put this legal disclaimer to save our sanity, as well as to protect the Museo del Design and A’ Design Award; we are trying to create something new and we do not want to instead later have to deal with legal issues, and we also wish to be very honest so you know what you are getting into. Please do not submit your design without voluntary agreeing and accepting that any and all intellectual property you submit will belong to us completely in its entirety without any compensation promised or made to you. Do not submit your design or intellectual properties without knowing this; we will legally own everything you submit and we will not be legally obliged to pay you any money or to provide you with any perks and benefits. We can use any of your ideas without your permission, without informing you, without crediting your name. We will not be obliged to use, realize or promote your designs or ideas. We wish to kindly remind you that any and all ideas and intellectual properties you submit to this call for ideas, to the extent permitted by law will be automatically and completely ours without us owing anything to you; and in other cases, you would be providing us with a perpetual unlimited worldwide license to use your ideas for free, without renumeration or compensation to you, and/or you would be transferring all rights to your idea to us. Only and only if you are burning with a desire to contribute for free, then send your idea knowing that your contribution will be purely out of your own goodwill. You will be transferring all the rights and title to your ideas to us by submitting them to this very call for ideas. By submitting any idea, you agree that your idea will become ours and neither A’ Design Award nor the Museo del Design would not be paying you anything nor provide you with any sort of compensation or renumeration. We provide an extensive list of potential perks and benefits, but we are not legally obliged to provide you with such perks and benefits. We may decide to provide you with any perks and benefits at our sole discretion only, and we are not obliged to provide you with any perks or benefits for any reason in any time. We may provide perks and benefits differently to different designers at our sole discretion. We are not legally obliged to provide any perks or benefits to you, however if we decide to provide you with any perks or benefits, at our sole discretion, these perks and benefits may not be redeemed for monetary equivalents or exchanged for money. Furthermore, for this particular call, we reserve the right to not publish results and/or to publicly display or hide any entries submitted. To remind you once again, by taking part, you grant Museo del Design and A’ Design Award, free, exclusive, unrestricted, world-wide, transferable, sublicensable and irrevocable license to utilize and profit from your ideas, works and intellectual properties in any way whatsoever, and you transfer all rights, title and deeds to your ideas, works and intellectual properties to A’ Design Award and Museo del Design; all ideas, works and intellectual properties become property of A’ Design Award and Museo del Design. All other things considered, for all submissions we wish to also remind that the A’ Design Award Terms & Conditions shall prevail, furthermore A’ Design Award at its sole discretion may decide to increase or reduce the number of selected works. It is important to note that A’ Design Award and Competition may decide at its sole discretion to reduce or increase the number of prize winners based on the quality and quantity of entries; there won’t be participation prizes; it is expensive for us to promote the works therefore we will only award really good designs; only good entries will be awarded regardless of the number of entries. Finally, we shall remind you that only the special category “Museo del Design Ideas” is free to join, other categories, in general, are not free to join. Eligible and selected winners of “Museo del Design Ideas” competition may be given nomination payment fee waiver tickets to join the A’ Design Award paid categories free of charge, for 2021-2022 edition to be able to obtain the full A’ Design Prize, if winners do not use their tickets in 365 days, they will expire. If winners do not join A’ Design Award with their earned nomination tickets, they will not be able to obtain further benefits. Having A’ Design Award nomination tickets do not guarantee winning the A’ Design Award, your entries will be evaluated by jury members. Finally, please kindly note that while we allow you to download the Museo del Design intellectual properties such as logo, symbol, graphics, layouts and schematics from this page; this does not mean that we are giving you any rights to create derivative works and this does not mean we are giving you any licenses; we are not giving you any license to use Museo del Design intellectual properties and we are not giving you any rights or permissions to create any derivative work; with the following exception; you may however only use the Museo del Design intellectual properties as part of your design submission proposals to this very specific competition hosted at A’ Design Award, and with the condition that you cannot even display the designs you created for this competition in your portfolio ever, publicly or privately; after you make the submission, delete all Museo del Design intellectual properties from your computer and systems; we reserve the right to take legal action against all entrants who may display the Museo del Design logo anywhere in the internet, including in their own portfolios. By entering a design you promise not to disclose to the public any idea, work or design you submitted for this special competition.

Who can join?
Entries are open to everyone; professional designers, artists, architects, manufacturers, brands, institutions as well as governments, from all countries and regions. There are also no restrictions on if your design is new or old; if you have something useful that you designed many years ago, send it anyway if it is relevant and could help with the museum.

Submission Requirements
Prepare your submission the following way (See Presentation Guidelines): 1. Main Image 3600x3600 pixels, 72dpi jpeg. 2. Optional Image #1: 1800x1800 pixels 72dpi jpeg. 3. Optional Image #2: 1800x1800 pixels 72dpi jpeg. 4. Optional Image #3: 1800x1800 pixels 72dpi jpeg. 5. Optional Image #4: 1800x1800 pixels 72dpi jpeg. 6. You may also upload a PDF file or link to a Video file for further details, but this is optional and not needed for most entries.

Design Award DNA

How much does it cost to take part?
It costs no money to join the Museo del Design call for ideas special competition category, but you should consider your time as a cost too, and most importantly, we want to remind you once again that you will lose all rights to the ideas and designs you submit and you are not even allowed to publish them; be careful and only send us ideas that you truly want to give away for free for the benefit of the design museum; absolutely under any condition do not submit any golden ideas you may have to this specific competition; always remember that whenever you publish your industrial design, in any medium, you may lose your opportunity to patent your work; if you have patentable designs, patent them before submitting them to any contest, not just this one or consider nominating them to A’ Design Award’s special concealed categories which do not publish results publicly.

How do I join?
We are looking for your designs. To start uploading your work first please (1) download presentation guidelines. (2) Create an A’ Design Award Account. (3) Login and upload your work. (4) Nominate your work to special award category “War on Virus”.

What can you do?
Designers, Artists, Engineers and Architects: Design original and innovative quickly realizable solutions, concepts, progressive ideas or submit your already existing designs to “Museo del Design” call for ideas so that we could improve the value the Museo del Design design museum provides to you. Companies, Patrons, Benefactors: Consider taking part in Museo del Design Patronage and Sponsorship opportunities. Governments: Support and share initiatives such as this one, promote design museums in your country, Design-loving Citizens: Share the “Museo del Design” call for ideas in social media and promote designs that inspire you.

How can I promote this?
Share in your social networks and let everyone know, that there is a “Museo del Design” call for ideas. Tell to your designer friends, design companies, architects and artists. Link to this page and use #DesignMatters #MvseoDelDesign hashtags.

War on Virus Award

A' Design Award and Competition was specifically established to make the World a better place with good design.

Vote Entries

Title: Museo del Design Call for Ideas
Deadline: 2021-08-22 23:59:59 - Sunday, 22 August'21 23:59:59 CEST
Eligibility: Open to General Public

Custom Design Contests

A' Design Award organizes various custom design contests throughout the year sponsored or co-organized by third parties, these design contests are vastly different from the Official A' Design Award Categories which follow our vigorious methodology.
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Good design deserves great recognition.
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