A' Design Award

The A' Design Award Timeline

Key Dates and Deadlines for the Acclaimed Global Design Competition

Explore the comprehensive timeline of the A' Design Award, pinpointing crucial dates and milestones that are pivotal for your brand's participation. Our dates and deadlines guide offers a detailed roadmap through all phases of the competition—from initial registration to the grand gala night.

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A' Design Award Key Dates and Timeframe

A' Design Award & Competition Timeline

  • Registration Starts

    April 15th

    Registration for the next competition and awarding edition starts. Preliminary Score service starts and Early entry fees are in effect.

  • Preliminary Score

    Ongoing from April 16th until February 28th

    Everyone who uploads a design to A' Design Award, gets a preliminary score, free of charge.

  • Early Deadline

    June 30th

    A' Design Award Early Deadline ends on June 30th, Regular Entry Fees become effective, Preliminary Scores are still provided.

  • Regular Deadline

    September 30th

    A' Design Award Regular Deadline ends on September 30th, Late Entry Fees become effective, Preliminary Scores are still provided.

  • Late Deadline

    February 28th

    A' Design Award Late Entry Deadline ends on February 28th, Omega and Last Entry Fees become effective, Preliminary Scores are no longer provided.

  • Jury Voting

    April 1st - April 12th

    Grand Jury Panel votes on nominated entries based on predetermined evaluation criteria and blind peer-review process.

  • Results Announced

    May 1st

    A' Design Awards will be public on May 1st. Yearbook, Gala, Exhibition and PR Campaign preparations start.

  • Gala-Night

    June, July or August

    Award Ceremony and Gala-Night takes place in Italy to honour and recognize best designers.

  • Ars Futura Cultura

    After Galanight

    Ars Futura Cultura meetings will bring like-minded award winning designers for networking possibilities.

  • Exhibition in Italy

    June, July or August

    Award-winning designs get exhibited in Italy. Winners get exhibition certificates.

  • PR Campaign

    After Exhibition

    Public Relations and promotion campaign intensifies after gala-night and exhibition in Italy.

  • Kit Shipments

    June, July or August

    Winner kit shipments will start after the conclusion of gala-night and exhibition in Italy.

  • Int. Exhibitions

    After Exhibition in Italy

    International Design Exhibitions are organized in different countries to promote awarded works.

Award Timeline

Comprehensive Entry Periods for A' Design Award Participants

The A' Design Award offers six distinct entry periods to accommodate the diverse needs and strategies of participants, ensuring opportunities for everyone. Starting with the First Entry Period from April 15 to April 22, the competition continues with the Early Entry Period from April 15 to June 30, followed by the Standard Entry Period from July 1 to September 30, and the Late Entry Period extending from October 1 to February 28. The entry cycle concludes with the Last Entry Period from March 7 to March 30, and the Omega Entry Period from April 1 to April 7.

Our structured approach allows you to choose an entry period that aligns with your project timelines, budget constraints, and readiness. We recommend that participants enter as soon as they are prepared to do so, taking advantage of whichever entry period is current at the time. Engaging early not only provides the benefit of lower entry fees but also includes access to our complimentary preliminary review service. This service aims to significantly refine your presentation and enhance your chances of success, aligning your submission strategically to optimize both exposure and investment in the competition.

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A' Design Award Key Dates and Timeframe

Key Dates and Timeframe

The A' Design Award's post-competition calendar begins with the Late Entry Deadline on February 28th, swiftly followed by the Jury Voting starting on April 1st. As the season progresses, the celebrated Gala-Night unfolds during June, July, or August in Italy, where the industry's finest designers are honored in a grand ceremony. Subsequent to the Gala-Night, the Ars Futura Cultura event takes place, providing a dynamic platform for award-winning designers to network and build on their creative collaborations. In the same summer months, the Exhibition in Italy showcases the winning designs, granting them further recognition through exhibition certificates.

The momentum continues with an aggressive PR Campaign launched post-exhibition to extensively promote the winners. Concurrently, the distribution of winner kits occurs, ensuring designers receive their well-earned accolades shortly after the gala and exhibition. The cycle culminates with International Exhibitions, which are organized post-exhibition to globally promote the awarded works, extending their visibility and impact across international borders. Each phase is strategically designed to provide maximum visibility and recognition for the winners, amplifying the impact of their designs globally.

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Design Prize

Design Prize

Discover the A' Design Prize

The A' Design Prize goes beyond a one-time celebration, offering continuous support and promotion throughout the year. The prestigious A' Design Award package includes a comprehensive suite of promotional efforts designed to elevate the profiles of winners. The prize facilitates a year-round public relations campaign that actively promotes the awarded designs through various channels. These strategic PR campaigns are tailored to showcase the unique qualities of each design, ensuring sustained media exposure. Additionally, extensive advertising efforts are deployed to ensure that winning works receive the attention they deserve in relevant markets globally. This continuous promotion helps maintain the momentum of the winners' success, providing ongoing visibility that can open doors to further opportunities and recognition in the design world.

Design Prize