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Democracy Desk by Sang Il Jeon is a winner of the 2021 Iron A' Design Award in Office Furniture Design.

Democracy is an Iron A' Design Award winner, a prestigious recognition granted to good designs that meet the professional and industrial requirements expected from well-designed creations.

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Democracy Desk by Sang Il Jeon Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner 2021

Democracy Desk

The desk which disappears any storage tools. Many storage tools might not be the right way definitely, even without a storage tool. The transparent plate of the desk, A4-shaped 2 holes, and a drawer, make the user's workspace more spacious and comfortable on the desk. Developing the concept of this desk, open relationship, teamwork, where individual personalities are alive, creates synergy. When individual communications are traveling in the open space, space where creates synergy by making individual contacts and relationships of each others.

Democracy Desk by Sang Il Jeon Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner 2021
Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner 2021 Democracy Desk
Democracy designed by Sang Il Jeon
Democracy - Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner
Sang Il Jeon's Democracy Desk
Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner 2021 Democracy Desk
Democracy designed by Sang Il Jeon
Democracy - Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner
Sang Il Jeon's Democracy Desk

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Democracy by Sang Il Jeon

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Office Furniture Design Award Winner in 2021.

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Iron Winner

Democracy Desk

Democracy is an Iron A' Design Award winner, a prestigious recognition granted to good designs that meet the professional and industrial requirements expected from well-designed creations. Iron winners demonstrate great skill, high specialization, expert understanding, and creative capacity of their creators. Democracy is expected to be a highly-regarded, admired, and cherished creation that is practical and innovative. This Iron A' Design Award-winning design integrates industry best practices and has competent technical characteristics linked with know-how and talent. Democracy is respected for its thoroughness and is designed to provide quality of life improvements that help make the world a better place.

Winner Designer

Sang Il Jeon

Sang Il Jeon

MY DESIGN IS Identity as a designer 1. I am a designer who is not better than everyone else. 2. So I do my own design with my unique identity. 3. What I think about design is always 'progressivity'. Evolution is a fundamental attribute of design. Progressivity is a positive attitude to new changes and possibilities, and resistance to the inertia that is blind and natural. A designer is a person with a habit of moving forward. It is the people who have to recognize the present age constantly, have the obligation to be ahead of the times, and have to propose a new future. Some people were confused about me. Sometimes an exclusive people reveal their disgruntle and says, "Why do you do such design?" Then I say, "Why are you so uncomfortable?" Decidedly, I have the identity as 'conceptor'. I define myself as a concept designer who considers thought and philosophy when designing. I am with an identity that I project my ideas and concepts to the object and deal with them. With the message in my design, I aim to inspire society and people and create a better future. A progressive design that we have never been seen before. I aim at a new design that goes beyond the concept of what other people says. In my own words, 'being looks like it is not things of this world' I feel like bliss having the all-world when I come up with a whole new idea. such a moment is fun. 'HERITAGE OF SANG IL' project, which has been undergoing since 2012. I do not have many things in many ways as a designer, but the one thing which I am confident is the strong identity that leads to self-esteem as I am a designer. There is no talent. There is only an attitude. Because I am stubborn like a firm land, I constantly have to repeat breaking and breaking walls toward the farther places, the higher places, and the unimaginable places, from the limitation of my brain to over the above. After finishing breaking, when I am filled with a feeling of accomplishment like flying the sky I have to go back again. I feel that I have come from breaking walls to the outside but actually, behind my back, I am standing to the walls I made without knowing. To return, I have to break the wall again and destroy it. I have to dig into it again and again. After all, I see what the last kernel is left, and think what to do next. Which design I mainly do It is important to think about some than to design something. If when you ask, "What designs are you designing?", I just say, "I really do not care about 'what design. I 'just design' when it comes up." If I say this with a long sentence, industrial design is my major in university, so I have worked hard, I like just 'design' regardless of what to do. I work mainly by connecting the idea, the flow of consciousness, the notion (ex - hungry), and the concept (ex - laziness) to the result. However, the format and results of the expression are close to design. I design the thing that does not exist, and I also design existing ones. Above all, I am trying to eat and live while using my identity as a designer. Why design is fun It suits my aptitude. 'Designing what to think'. An act of visualizing and realizing the idea. I like to think about design. Reason 1. 'I make rules', 'I do create'. I enjoy observing thoughts and events I intended through the design become visible phenomena. It is also interesting to watch unexpected interesting things happen. Reason 2. Strangely, every time I see the results of designers who are called 'the best in the world' since I first learned design, I always thought that I would be able to do like them if I try to do so. I do not know why this is so (because I did not know anything at that time). I live with a positive illusion that the idea of being too far and unreal to some can be a reality for me. The happiest and most fortunate in my life is that I can live with this positive attitude. I aim for 'the classic design' I want to design the classic design that aims for the timeless value of 'classic design', the highest value. Many designs will disappear and become garbage, but they will be for a long time with a value that will shine forever. The past, present, and future are always connected and constantly communicating with us. The heritage, the result of it, is breathing forever. So I design it with the idea that it will leave timeless value to HERITAGE OF SANG IL. So it is important to design for long life and inspiring design. As the 'present me' records, 'past me' teaches 'future me'. 'Future I' is worried about what 'past me' was trying to tell himself. For new design Beyond the design, we know until now, a new era of design, I effort the role as a new designer.

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Winner Client

Heritage Of Sang Il

Heritage Of Sang Il

HERITAGE OF SANG IL is the classic design project. HERITAGE OF SANG IL is designed with the idea that it will leave the timeless value of the heritage. the spirit of heritage has timeless value. this spirit is not only the past but also tells the present. heritage is always with us. it is always communicating with us, and the past, present in the modern city center, is always speaking to us who pass by. if we do not forget the spirit of heritage, it is always with us and is reinterpreted and reinvented by us now. so heritage is resurrected in a new appearance and a new way asks us many questions and communicates newly. it gives us a lot of inspiration and joy and keeps us from forgetting who we are. so I design my work with thinking as heritage. the identity of HERITAGE OF SANG IL was designed based on the facade of 'Haan Ok(Korean traditional architecture)' consisting of the foundation stone, pillars, and tile roofs. the past reminds us of a sad history that we can not forget. if there is a will to overcome the gloomy history without forgetting it, the dark past presents us with the possibility of a new age. however, many sad histories are repeated without being overcome.

Democracy Desk by Sang Il Jeon Iron Office Furniture Design Award Winner 2021

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Democracy Desk

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Heritage Of Sang Il, the brand behind Sang Il Jeon's award-winning work Democracy Desk, exemplifies the success that office furniture design brands can achieve through the A' Design Award. By winning the Iron A' Design Award, Heritage Of Sang Il has demonstrated its commitment to good design, innovation, and creative excellence.
Heritage Of Sang Il

"Democracy Desk" - Iron A' Design Award Winner

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