Tomohiro Kaji

Tomohiro Kaji

Esteemed A' Design Award Winner.

Tomohiro Kaji is an esteemed winner of the highly prestigious A' Design Award with their good design.

Gold A' Design Award Winners

Gold A' Design Award Winners Works of Esteemed Tomohiro Kaji

The Gold A' Design Award recognizes products, projects, services, and designs that have achieved a remarkable level of innovation and have made a substantial impact on their target audience. The Gold A' Design Award is a testament to the visionary approach and exceptional skill of the creator's design team. Gold A' Design Award-winning entries are known for their ability to challenge conventions and deliver cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations in art, science, design, and technology. A' Design Award Gold Winners set new benchmarks for excellence in their respective industries, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and driving innovation forward.

The Golden A' Design Award designation is an immensely important, exceptional achievement, an extremely prestigious recognition granted to first-rate designs that are simply marvelous, outstanding, sensational, and excellent. The Golden A' Design Award-designated designs are exceedingly innovative, highly visionary, and glamorously dazzling creations that reflect the prodigy, wisdom, and prowess of their designers. Designs bestowed with the treasured Golden A' Design Award title are expected to be the most praised, trendsetting, monumental inventions, great and significant works that deliver unprecedented value. A' Design Award - Golden winner designs are spectacular, venerated products, respected projects, and bright ideas that highly benefit and advance the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Golden A' Design Award designs exhibit very strong technical attributes, incorporate brilliant artistic skill, employ unique innovations, embody wondrous emotional elements, and contain enormous creative qualities. The Golden A' Design Award recipient designs manifest an extraordinary level of excellence and make the world a better place with their desirable and helpful characteristics. Golden A' Design Award-winning works create intense feelings of desire, evoke passion, encourage creativity, stimulate aesthetic expression, enchant, enrapture, and fascinate us.

It is with great pleasure that we showcase the exceptional, innovative, and highly acclaimed Gold A' Design Award winner works of the esteemed and most talented Tomohiro Kaji, whose designs have set new benchmarks for excellence worldwide.

Tomohiro Kaji Gold A' Design Award Winner Works

Gold Award Winner
2024 Winner for Graphic

Who is Tomohiro Kaji ?

Esteemed Tomohiro Kaji

Tomohiro Kaji is a former creative director for UNIQLO Co., Ltd. He graduated from Academy of Art University, San Francisco and joined UNIQLO Co., Ltd. in 2008 as the first graphic designer in its communications field. He’s built and managed an in-house creative team contributing global branding projects including HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down product branding, product marketing and digital integraded campaigns. He founded TOMODACHI Ltd. ( in 2019, an independent creative agency to create art + strategy for branding, and became its representative director. Tomohiro has opened Kishu-Ann, a renovated villa built in Edo period – about 200 years ago to provide a private stay of classic Japanese experience. (

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