Iberital & Andreu Carulla Studio

Iberital & Andreu Carulla Studio

Esteemed A' Design Award Winner.

Iberital & Andreu Carulla Studio is an esteemed winner of the highly prestigious A' Design Award with their good design.

Platinum A' Design Award Winners

Platinum A' Design Award Winner Works of Esteemed Andreu Carulla - Iberital

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We are immensely proud to present the awe-inspiring, groundbreaking, and most exceptional Platinum A' Design Award winner works of the preeminent and visionary designer, Andreu Carulla - Iberital, whose creations have redefined the boundaries of art, science, and technology, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design.

Andreu Carulla - Iberital Platinum A' Design Award Winner Works

Platinum Award Winner
Iberital Vision
2018 Winner for Equipment

Who is Andreu Carulla - Iberital ?

Esteemed Andreu Carulla - Iberital

Can’t imagine your morning without a cup of coffee? Spanish company Iberital is making your routine a sustainable one. Iberital has developed a coffee machine with a new design based on the introduction of lead-free materials, energy efficiency and internet connectivity. The company received an SME Instrument grant in 2016 to design an ecological espresso machine. Iberital is a family SME born in 1975 in Barcelona out of the hobby of its founder Blai Farré, who was passionate about metalworking and parts machining, including for coffee machines. His hobby quickly turned into job for businesses and restaurateurs and he soon began manufacturing pieces for the coffee-machine manufacturers themselves. He manufactured his own moulds using casting processes and successfully sold his own parts and spare parts. 40 years, a new factory and exports in 90 countries later, Iberital wanted to scale-up the production of its sustainable coffee machines. That’s when the company successfully applied for the SME Instrument and obtained funding by the EC. Andreu Carulla Industrial Design is a creative consultancy focused on design and development of technological projects, packaging and UX/UI. Keeping the essence and style that have made Andreu Carulla Studio one of the leading and most inventive design studios in Spain, ACID conceives products for their mass production. With functionality, craftsmanship and sustainability as goals, Andreu Carulla creates beautiful, lively objects with timeless appeal. Following his childhood dream of becoming an inventor, in 2006 Catalan-born Andreu Carulla founded the product design studio that carries his name, becoming one of the most experimental design firms working in Spain today. Constant exploration of materials, old-school techniques and contemporary processes hallmarks the studio’s projects, of which include furniture, jewellery, tableware, lighting, interiors and more.

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