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Jian Shan Jian Shui

Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor by Jing Chen is a winner of the 2024 Golden A' Design Award in Packaging Design.

Jian Shan Jian Shui is a Golden A' Design Award winner, an immensely prestigious recognition granted to first-rate, marvelous, and outstanding designs.

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Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor by Jing Chen Golden Packaging Design Award Winner 2024

Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor

Contemporary packaging design is no longer just a simple function of protecting goods, it is more prominent in the transmission of environmental protection concepts, enhance the value of products. The recent design forum pointed out that in the face of ecological challenges, green packaging is gradually becoming a new trend, biodegradable materials, recycling design is favored. In addition, novelty is also an industry trend, and concepts such as personalized customization are gradually affecting the boundaries of packaging

Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor by Jing Chen Golden Packaging Design Award Winner 2024
Golden Packaging Design Award Winner 2024 Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor
Jian Shan Jian Shui designed by Jing Chen
Jian Shan Jian Shui - Golden Packaging Design Award Winner
Jing Chen's Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor
Golden Packaging Design Award Winner 2024 Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor
Jian Shan Jian Shui designed by Jing Chen
Jian Shan Jian Shui - Golden Packaging Design Award Winner
Jing Chen's Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor

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Jian Shan Jian Shui by Jing Chen

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Packaged Liquor


Packaging Design Award Winner in 2024.

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Golden Winner

Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor

Jian Shan Jian Shui is a Golden A' Design Award winner, an immensely prestigious recognition granted to first-rate, marvelous, and outstanding designs. Golden winners are exceedingly innovative, visionary, and glamorously dazzling creations that reflect the prodigy, wisdom, and prowess of their designers. Jian Shan Jian Shui is expected to be a praised, trendsetting, and monumental invention that delivers unprecedented value. This Golden A' Design Award-winning design is a spectacular, respected project that highly benefits and advances the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Jian Shan Jian Shui creates intense feelings of desire, evokes passion, encourages creativity, and fascinates us.

Winner Designer

Jing Chen

Jing Chen

Our main character is a talented packaging designer based in China's picturesque Hunan Province. Hunan is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery, but also has nurtured many outstanding artists and creative talents. The designer's experience growing up in Hunan has infused his design work with unique cultural elements and aesthetic concepts. As a freelance designer, he is not bound by the traditional employment relationship, but chooses to work as an independent contractor for different clients and projects. This career orientation gives him more creative freedom and flexibility, allowing him to choose projects based on his personal interests and expertise, while also requiring him to have good time management and self-promotion skills. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts and practice, the designer has accumulated a wealth of design experience. From the initial exploration and learning to the current skillful application, his design skills and concepts have been significantly improved and improved. The experience of more than 10 years is not only the accumulation of time, but also the witness of his continuous growth and maturity in the field of design. The designer's love of design work stems from his relentless pursuit of beauty and his desire for innovation. Every day, he spends a lot of time researching and analyzing the latest design trends and how to incorporate them into his work. His workbench is always filled with design magazines, hand-drawn sketches and color samples, which are tools for his exploration and experimentation. According to his peers, he once worked for 48 hours straight on a packaging design project to find the most suitable color mix and pattern layout, and this dedication to perfection reflects his passion for design. His design works often have a distinct personal character, thanks to his unique views on design. He believes that packaging design is not only a means to protect products, but also an important medium to convey brand stories and cultural values. In one of his famous projects, he designed the packaging for a traditional tea, which not only cleverly integrated the local characteristics of Hunan, but also enhanced the market competitiveness of the product through modern design techniques, and achieved great success in the market, with sales increasing by 150% within six months of its launch. The designer's talent and efforts have been widely recognized by the industry. Several of his design projects have won awards in international and national design competitions, for example, one of his innovative food packaging designs has won gold MEDALS in national and international packaging design competitions. In addition, he has been invited many times to design exhibitions to present his work and to communicate with designers around the world. These honors not only proved his design prowess, but also earned him more career opportunities and client trust. The designer has not only achieved commercial success, but is also actively involved in industry activities and is committed to raising the standards of the entire design industry. He has been involved in the development of a series of industry standards and guidelines for packaging design, which aim to improve the sustainability and environmental protection of products. For example, he promotes the design principles of using recyclable materials and reducing packaging waste, which are widely used in product packaging for multiple brands and effectively reduce the environmental burden. The designer's personal appeal is first and foremost reflected in his unparalleled creativity and imagination. He is able to transform mundane objects into works of art with story and emotional value. In a famous project, he combined traditional cultural elements with modern design concepts to create a series of packaging designs that both have national characteristics and conform to modern aesthetics, which not only won the hearts of consumers, but also brought great market influence to the brand. With years of experience and excellent design work, the designer has established a strong influence within the packaging design industry. His design concepts and methods have become a model for many young designers to learn from.

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Winner Client

Jing Chen

Jing Chen

In the busy city of Changsha, a friend of mine runs a liquor distributor. He is not only a helmsman in the sea of commerce, but also a guardian full of love for traditional Chinese culture. By chance, he entrusted me with a special task - to design a liquor package that not only carries the traditional Chinese cultural values, but also conveys a positive attitude toward life. In order to capture the deep connection between traditional Chinese culture and baijiu, I immersed myself in the ocean of history and culture, searching for elements that could touch the heart. Finally, in the Song Dynasty Weixin Zen master's sentence "see the mountains and see the water", I found the inspiration for the design. This is not only a realm, but also a philosophy of life, which tells us to look into the beauty of nature and experience the true meaning of life. So, I injected this concept into the upcoming white wine packaging design. The shape of the bottle is like an old fisherman, sitting quietly among the mountains and rivers, which reminds people of the wise man fishing by the stream. The bottle cap is made of natural wood and covered with a cap shaped like a bamboo hat, which retains the traditional flavor and adds a touch of chic ingenuity. In order to make this quiet and dynamic picture more vivid, I used a linear relief process on the bottle body. The majesty of the mountain, the tranquility of the lake and the length of the reflection are intertwined, which not only enhances the tactile experience of consumers, but also visually interprets a harmonious dialogue between dynamic and static. In this packaging design, I strive to capture and convey the combination of classical Chinese aesthetics and modern aesthetics. It is not only a container used to hold wine, but also a piece of art that can make people stop to appreciate. When consumers open this bottle of wine, they are not only sharing a drink, but also savoring a culture, an emotion, and a life wisdom from the ancient wise. The sales channel of this liquor is positioned in group buying and retail, whether it is a choice for corporate welfare, or a good product for personal wine collection, it can be perfectly adapted. It is not just a bottle of wine, it is a symbol of culture, is the inheritance of traditional Chinese values, is a soul exchange. Behind this design, I have invested a lot of effort and emotion, hoping that it can not only become a successful product, but also become a carrier of traditional Chinese culture, so that more people can feel the depth and beauty of Chinese culture through this liquor. With the birth of this liquor, it carries not only mellow wine, but also our respect and inheritance of traditional culture. Every bottle of wine is a story, every tasting is a journey, taking us through the long river of time, back to that simple and profound era, and experiencing the wisdom and tranquility of "seeing the mountains and the water".

Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor by Jing Chen Golden Packaging Design Award Winner 2024

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Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor

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Jing Chen, the brand behind Jing Chen's award-winning work Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor, exemplifies the success that packaging design brands can achieve through the A' Design Award. By winning the Golden A' Design Award, Jing Chen has demonstrated its commitment to good design, innovation, and creative excellence.
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"Jian Shan Jian Shui Packaged Liquor" - Golden A' Design Award Winner

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