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World Design Index is where architects, artists, designers, design agencies and design-oriented brands are listed. It is as simple as it gets. Get listed, get found. Sign-up an A' Design Award account to get listed today.
World Design Index

If you are a designer, an architect, a design agency, an artist, a photographer, a creative, a maker or a brand or a business who wish to get more clients, more press mentions, or to simply reach more audiences you will need more exposure and discoverability. World Design Index helps you get found, completely free of charge, all you need to do is sign-up a free A' Design Award account and complete your designer profile so that we could create a profile page on your behalf as soon as we update the Index shortly after A' Design Award results announcement.

What is World Design Index?

World Design Index, is an initiative by ICCI – International Council of Creative Industries, and aims to help designers, artists, architects, design agencies, photographers, creatives and design-oriented brands get discovered and be found in search engines by providing them with a profile page. World Design Index listing service is provided free of charge to all registered users who maintain a complete profile.

Why Get Listed?

Get listed in World Design Index to have an additional opportunity to be found when prospective clients, press members or designophiles search for designers, artists, architects, design agencies and design-oriented businesses. Getting listed is free of charge and comes without any obligation, all you need to do is sign-up for an account and complete your profile details.