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ADP - Association of Product designers Design Associations
ADP is a civil non-profit society founded in 2002, cultural character and scope of national that aims to bring together professionals, students, institutions and companies working in the area in order to develop, promote, publicize, regulate and support the design activity in Brazil.
Allianz German Designer – AGD Design Associations
The AGD is one of the largest design professional associations in Europe. We work together with politicians, business, chambers and associations: copyright, adequate remuneration models and sustainability - socially, economically and ecologically - are our core competences.
AND - National Association of Designers Design Associations
The National Association of Designers is a non-profit professional association that was founded in 2003 with the mission of defending and promoting the design culture in Portugal and abroad, supporting all its qualified professionals, holders of proven superior qualification in the Discipline, or by degree, master's or doctorate in its different branches of social, cultural and economic activities.
Asia Designer Communication Platform
Asia Designer Communication Platform Design Associations
Founded in 2013, Asia Designer Communication Platform(ADP) is an important organization devoted to promoting the global design exchange. It is also the only cross- spectrum design association in Asia with offices in Hong Kong, USA, Sydney, and Amsterdam. Since the establishment, we have assisted dozens of famous regional designers in successfully stepping onto the international stage. We deeply understand that Asian design has not only aroused the global attention. Asia is also the most important market in the world. To promote the communication between the designers from all over the world and the Asian designers, the outstanding designers and winners of the top world design awards, iF, Red Dot, GDA, and IDSA, in the fields of graphic design, interior design, architectural design, and industrial design and other design fields are all eager to join in expectation of creating the higher value for the Asian design industry together and the greater market needs. To increase the international visibility and influence of Asian design together, we offer our members the chance to exchange experience with the important international design organizations. Through the certification course in various fields and the commercial counseling service, we assist our members in connecting their design profession to the world and showing the special value of the Asian aestheticism on the international stage. Furthermore, we regularly invite our members to join the design tour taking place in the major cities in Asia-Pacific region and provide the commercial opportunities in various sizes and forms to greatly benefit the communication and cooperation between the members and resource integration.
Asociacion Andaluza de Disenadores Design Associations
The Andalusian Association of Designers, AAD is a non-profit association that brings together professionals graphic, industrial and interior design of our community. Since its founding in 1988 by a group of enthusiasts and supporters of the profession we work in order to promote a culture of design that appraise our business in all sectors and levels, as an element of social, economic revitalization and cultural engine. To do this we organize, collaborate and participate in their own and others activities that bring us closer to the institutions, companies, designers, schools and students, and make possible a better understanding of the figure of the designer in society.
Associate van Interieurarchitekten van Belgie, AlnB Design Associations
AINB it takes for the interior designer wants the organization to be a mouthpiece for its members to: - the media - Consumers and the general public - The Professionals - the industry - government
Australian Graphic Design Association
Australian Graphic Design Association Design Associations
Australian Graphic Design Association Limited is the peak national organisation representing the Australian communication design industry. With more than 2,600 members distributed throughout the creative, visual communications, applied design and technology sectors, it is dedicated to advancing the profession through an interrelated program of state, national and international activities in education, advocacy and professional development. AGDA is a lead member of the International Council of Graphic Design Organisations, forming a global network of 187 member associations in 56 countries and consultative status with UNESCO, UNIDO, ISO and WIPO.
BEDA - The Bureau of European Design Associations
BEDA - The Bureau of European Design Associations Design Associations
BEDA was established in 1969 to communicate the value of design and innovation to the European economy. Nowadays BEDA has expanded its mission to ensure permanent liaison between its Members (design promotion centres, professional bodies and related design entities) and the authorities of the European Union in order to communicate and promote the value of design and innovation to European culture, economy, environment, society and governance. Today, BEDA boasts 46 members from 27 countries in Europe making it the only pan-European multi-disciplinary design association, the European voice of a community of hundreds of thousands designers in every discipline of work from industrial design and interiors to digital design and branding.
Berufsverband der Deutschen Kommunikationsdesigner Design Associations
The association is the contact person for all aspects of the creative industry. For design contests, the BDG, together with the organizers, ensures fair conditions, helps members with legal questions and strategic considerations.
BNO – Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers Design Associations
Society is rapidly changing. In our digital world, blurring boundaries between disciplines, creating new fields and hit different areas intertwined. The creative industry has been given the status of top sector. The design profession is indispensable; Designers play a crucial role in responding to challenges around social issues such as sustainability, health and social services.
British Design Innovation (BDI) Design Associations
Innovation Bank is a safe-trading environment for those seeking innovation partners - whether an individual creator, inventor, start-up, University, SME or corporate firm. It operates in partnership with Creative Barcode incorporating their world class concept authentication, protection & safe-disclosure system under-pinned by a Trust Charter and endorsed by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) The core purpose of Innovation Bank is to provide innovators, from all branches of the process, with a safe-trading platform to engage, collaborate, buy, sell or license concepts and IP on whatever terms best suit the transacting parties. We do not interfere in the trading process nor take commissions or any other form of fee resulting from successful partnerships initiated by Innovation Bank.
Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten, BDIA Design Associations
BDIA stands for the Federation of German Interior Designers. This is the professional association of interior architects in Germany. The BDIA promotes and strengthens the profession and professional practice of the interior architects. In doing so, he serves as a professional representation of his members for their concerns in the public as well as against business and politics. BDIA is also involved at European and international level. The association accompanies the training of the next generation and is engaged in professional further training. The BDIA is a platform for information, communication and exchange of experience and offers its members a wide range of services.
Bund Osterreicher Innenarchitekten, BOIA Design Associations
The Federation of Austrian interior design is an Austria-wide interest group of interior designers and interior designers, as well as in the field of interior design, spatial and object design professionals. Our primary task is to strengthen the image of the interior architecture in Austria as an autonomous professional field and to represent the BOIA members as a professional group nationally and internationally. BOIA is a full member of the European umbrella organization ECIA, the worldwide association IFI and a member of the professional association of the visual artists of Austria.
CIDA - Chinese Industrial Designers Association Design Associations
The Industrial Design Association of the Republic of China (CIDA: abbreviation for the Chinese Industrial Designers Association) was established in December 12, 1967, China's first industrial design professional designers as the core set up by the corporate body; also ICSID (International Industry Design associations associations) of the professional group members. Because of the collection of most of Taiwan's industry-academia design elite, the association with a high-quality professional team stage by stage in conjunction with the Government to promote a comprehensive upgrade product design capability program, a series of personnel training courses to promote industrial technology and professional ideas and technology to provide industry research and development personnel cognitive design The use of innovative design and design experience to link the advanced countries, over the years also bred Taiwan's high-quality enterprises to create innovative products to build its own brand marketing global market for Taiwan in the era of knowledge-based economy to achieve world-class competitiveness lay the cornerstone.
Clube de Criativos de Portugal Design Associations
The Clube de Criativos de Portugal is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 and holds the most prestigious Creativity Festival in Portugal, traditionally held at the end of May, since 1997. It was born with the objective of rewarding the best that is done in commercial creativity in Portugal, namely, advertising, design, events, digital, relational marketing, activation of public relations and media brands. Its mission is to promote creativity in commercial communication; Represent setting standards of quality in industry; Stimulate, support and help train future generations of creatives; Demonstrate the importance and need for good creativity; Facilitate the exchange of experiences among professionals in the field.
Design Institute of Australia Design Associations
The DIA has six Branches that represent every state and territory. Each Branch runs events and programs for members to help you in your professional life. A Branch Council (usually around ten people) is elected by the local members (Associate, MDIA members and Fellows). Each state council organises for the needs and interests of their local design constituency.
Design Luxembourg a.s.b.l. Design Associations
The Professional Association Design Luxembourg was created in December 1995. It now includes 51 companies and self- employed in the areas of graphic-design, photo-design, product-design, web-design, fashion, design, text- design, exhibition design, and others.
Estonian Association of Designers – Eesti Disainerite Liit Design Associations
Estonian Association of Designers (EDL) is a creative alliance, which brings together about a hundred Estonian production, textiles., Fashion and graphic designers. EDL has as its task to design awareness to the society; Designers offer lifelong self-improvement, and advocating for the rights of the designers. EDL regularly organizes educational lectures, workshops, contests.
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) Design Associations
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is a member of the VTC Group. HKDI was established in 2007 with the mission to be a leading provider of design education and lifelong learning, including design foundation studies, communication design and digital media, fashion and image design and architecture, interior and product design. With a view to providing professional designers for the creative industries, it promotes the “think and do” approach and encourages interdisciplinary thinking in its broad range of design programmes. HKDI maintains a strong network with the industry and provides its students with essential practical experience enriched with cultural sensitivities and sustainability. Overseas exchanges are actively arranged for students to broaden their international perspective. The campus in Tseung Kwan O provides a creative, inspiring and vibrant learning environment for students.
ico-D Design Associations
ico-D was founded on 27 April 1963 in London, as icograda, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, by Peter Kneebone and Willy de Majo, who recognized the need to create meaningful international dialogue around the future trajectory of graphic design.
Institute of Designers in Ireland – IDI Design Associations
Its function is to promote high standards of design, to foster professionalism and to emphasise designers' responsibility to society, to the client and to each other. The Institute represents designers from different disciplines who practice in Ireland. Formed in 1972, the Institute is recognised at national, EU and international level as the representative body for the Irish design profession. The members, whether they be in private practice or in salaried employment, work in the fields of consumer and capital projects, interiors and exhibitions, textiles and fashion, all aspects of visual communication, new media, design management and design education.
Japan Industrial Designers Associations Design Associations
Japan Industrial Designers Association / JIDA is the only national organization of industrial designers, founded by 25 members in 1952. In 1969, as a result of becoming a corporate citizen by another designer organization, it was newly established as an "incorporated corporation". Since then, for the purpose of establishing and improving industrial design functions, members involved in industrial design, including freelance nationwide, in-house (in-house) designers, design education and design promotion officials, We are doing active activities actively. Until now for over 50 years, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (formerly the Ministry of International Trade and Industry) , Japan Design Promotion Organization public interest corporation , (Foundation) International Design Association , D-8 cooperation with various fields including, design-related organizations in each region We have been making aggressive efforts to develop the Japanese design world and industry, society and culture.
Lietuvos grafinio dizaino asociacija
Lietuvos grafinio dizaino asociacija Design Associations
Lithuanian Graphic Design Association (LGDA) is an independent non-profit organisation formed by professional communication designers. Founded in 1996, LGDA represents and advances its members' interests and professional status, promotes creative activities of Lithuanian designers and co-ordinates work of various design organisations. LGDA has been a member of ico-D (International Council of Design) since 1999.
Ruld Design Associations
RULD is the Creative Assotiation of Lighting Designers. The main goal of RULD is to raise the professional level of lighting design, both in theoretical and practical areas.
Societe des auteurs des arts visuels et de l'image fixe Design Associations
Created in 1999, the SAIF is the French copyright collecting society which represents and protects authors working in fields of visual arts as architecture, design, drawing, three dimensional creations, illustration, painting, photography and sculptures. By joining the SAIF, the authors become shareholders of the company and can, therefore, participate to the general assembly, to the boards and to commissions. The company is ruled by a strict equivalence of one voice for each stock bought. The head of the SAIF is an executive board made up of authors and elected by the general assembly once a year.
STGU (The Association of Applied Graphics Designers) Design Associations
The Association brings together graphic designers and fans of professional graphic design, as well as authorities in this field. We are taking a number of initiatives aimed at raising the prestige of the profession of the designer and the level of visual culture in Poland. We conduct training workshops, organize exhibitions, competitions graphic, festivals, social events and conferences. We spread the awareness of "good design" and the need to invest in professional design as a practical tool for brand management and strategy of the company. We cooperate with universities, state institutions and the cultural, media and business sector.
Taipei Association Of Interior Designers, TAID Design Associations
The Association was founded on December 21, 1970, under the name of "Taipei City Interior Design and Decorative Business Association". The purpose of the association is to "improve the interior design business and renovation project, coordinate the inter-bank relationship and enhance common interests". This Law will be established as the Law on Commercial Organizations. According to Article 12 of the Act, the company and the bank should be members of the trade association within one month after the opening of the business. policy. The number of members of the Association is only a dozen members at the beginning of the establishment of the private commercial companies which obtained the registration certificates according to the Company Law or the Business Registration Law, and the number of the members has reached to the present by all directors and supervisors, Has more than 1,200, employing more than 15,000 people, for the domestic industry Association of the leaders.
The Boston Society of Architects/AIA Design Associations
The Boston Society of Architects/AIA is committed to professional development for its members, advocacy on behalf of great design, and sharing an appreciation for the built environment with the public at large.
The Institute of Creative Advertising and Design - ICAD
The Institute of Creative Advertising and Design - ICAD Design Associations
A non-profit, membership led body, the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) is made up of the best creatives in Ireland. Our primary aim is to support creative excellence in Irish advertising and design and those working within the industry. Our mission statement informs everything we do - to ‘foster, promote and reward creative excellence in Irish advertising and design’. We are best known for our annual awards but we also run exhibitions, events, talks, offer learning opportunities and publish an awards book. Amongst other things.
Union des photographes createurs Design Associations
The Union of Professional Photographers is an association law 1901 created in 2010 from the merger of the UPC (Union of Photographers Creators) and Freelens, the professional association of photojournalists. The UPP is the first professional organization to defend the rights of authors photographers and photojournalists. It represents the interests of more than 5000 professional photographers and consists of 1200 active members , having as such the opportunity to speak, to vote in a general meeting and elect the board. All members of the UPP are required to sign and respect the professional ethics charter of the association.
Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) Design Associations
The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI) is the national agency for the commercial development of Irish designers and makers, stimulating innovation, championing design thinking and informing Government policy. DCCoI's activities are funded by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation via Enterprise Ireland.
Latvian Designers Association Design Associations
Society "Latvian Designers' (LDS) is a professional creative design industry organization, which has since 1987 brought together representatives of different design areas. LDS goal is a design promoting the development of its value in the identification and preservation of all Latvian designer encouraging cooperation, the interests and rights of determination and defense of public education and information for the design industry.
ADCV Asociacion de Disenadores de la Comunitat Valenciana Design Associations
Designers Association of the Valencian Community is a non - profit organization created in 1985 by professional graphic and product design. Among our more than 200 partners , we have 2 National Design Awards and twenty Valencian companies of the most representative of Spanish design. The Association moved a few years ago Ships , space for contemporary creation, belonging to the City of Valencia. From here we participated in the organization of activities and we provide content to the center, so we are fully involved in this project we believe is essential for the city.
ADI – Associazione per il Disegno Industriale Design Associations
Since 1956, ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Association for the Industrial Design) brings together professionals, researchers, teachers, critics, journalists around the main topics of design: project, energy consumption, recycling and training. ADI has a leading role in the development of the industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.
ADP – Associacio de Dissenyadors Professionals Design Associations
The ADP is an association of statewide nonprofit, born in Barcelona in 1978. It is composed of graphic, industrial, interior designers, businesses, institutions and students interested in interact and collaborate to defend the interests of design professionals . The ADP promotes cultural and design professional value, aims to encourage daily use in the business sector with professionalism.
Agence pour la promotion de la creation industrielle Design Associations
Created in 1983 at the initiative of the ministers responsible for industry and culture, to contribute to the reconciliation of culture, research and industry, and become entirely private in 1993, the APCI is a recognized association of general interest. It develops in collaboration with its members and partners, tools and collective action that value an economic approach, social and cultural design in France and French design abroad.
AIA New York Design Associations
AIA New York is the oldest and largest chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The Chapter’s members include over 5,000 practicing architects, allied professionals, students, and public members interested in architecture and design. AIA New York is dedicated to three goals: design excellence, public outreach, and professional development.
AIAP – Associazione ltaliana Progettazione per la Comunicazione Visiva Design Associations
Aiap belong many of the best designers, researchers and students of graphic design and visual communication Italian. It is especially through the projects, the works, the ethical and moral commitment of its members in the exercise of the profession that we try to leave an imprint on the key fundamental role of visual communication in Italy and abroad.
AIPI – Associazione ltaliana Progettisti d’Interni Design Associations
AIPi Italian Interior Designers Association was founded in Milan in 1969as a reference for those professional figures, such as project managers and designers, whose activity of projecting and designing interiors was and still is a complementary and integral part in the total architecture of a building. The interior designer identifies, researches and creatively solves problems regarding the function of the interiors. He performs services that include programming, studying the project, projecting the site, esthetics and inspection of the work using his own experience and specialized knowledge about interior construction , the building system and the components, the building code, the equipment, the materials and the furniture; he prepares the drawings and documents related to the project of the inside space to improve life quality and preserve health, safety and wellness of the public.
American Institute of Graphic Arts and design Design Associations
As the profession’s oldest and largest professional membership organization for design—with 70 chapters and more than 25,000 members—we advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force. From content that defines the global practice to events that connect and catalyze, we work to enhance the value and deepen the impact of design across all disciplines on business, society, and our collective future.the value and deepen the impact of design across all disciplines on business, society, and our collective future.
Asociacion de Directores de Arte y Disenadores Graficos Design Associations
The FAD has more than one thousand five hundred professional members, who receive extensive information on the news of the disciplines related to design and architecture. Voluntarily partners can join the boards of the various associations to organize all kinds of activities to spread among society which are the features of good design.
Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia Design Associations
Studies graphic design entered Indonesia through billboards arts disciplines, because at the beginning of graphic design applications widely used in the field of advertising. With the growing need for visual communication that is not only limited to the advertising application finally ITB and ASRI (now ISI Yogyakarta) initiative to separate them in a self-contained science, Graphic Design (currently evolving with the name of Visual Communication Design).
Associacao Portuguesa de Designers Design Associations
The Portuguese Association of Designers is a professional association, founded in 1976, nationally, non-profit, with the main objective of representing its associate designers, promoting levels of competence and professional integrity.
Association Design Communication Design Associations
We all do this because we believe in design ability. To create value for organizations and brands. It is a powerful lever whose business benefits can be very spectacular. Whatever our differences between agencies, our specialties, our personalities. This belief makes us proud professionally and unites us.
Association of Finnish Work Design Associations
Association for Finnish Work mission is to promote the appreciation of Finnish work and success. We are in favor of it, that there are more work in the future and that the role of Finland, the work is meaningful and valuable.
Association of Graphic Design Design Associations
The Association of graphic design is an independent and open association of creative, professional graphic designers and graphic designers from the Czech Republic. The Association's mission is to create conditions for free artistic creation, safeguard the legitimate social and creative interests of its members and to promote the status of the field of graphic design in the wider socio-cultural context. The Association unites with other artistic disciplines at the Syndicate of Visual Artists on the basis of respect for their autonomy and equal representation in the SVU.
Association of Hungarian Interior Designers Design Associations
In the summer of 1994, the Center issued its first Junior lakberendezőit done. The students received a diploma recognized by the state, the board was satisfied with the teaching staff saw that the two years of their work was not in vain. We were not entirely satisfied. We knew, now comes the hard part. To the more than 20 young boy and girl hopes to become a reality, it must be described in a new book has often rejected all professions, we must do the knowledge acquired in school marketable. We knew that's why we're responsible for, and felt the weight of this responsibility.
British Institute of Interior Design Design Associations
The British Institute of Interior Design is the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK. Our growing national and international membership represents both the commercial and residential sectors, from heritage to cutting edge. In addition to rigorous entry requirements which assess training, experience and professionalism, we require our members to continue their professional development throughout their career to ensure their continued expertise in design process, practice and regulatory matters. The British Institute of Interior Design is the only professional organisation for interior designers which has been granted the prestigious and rare accolade of Institute status by the Minister of State as the pre-eminent body in its field.
China Graphic Design Association Design Associations
In 1992, a group of Taiwan designers felt the importance of the unity and quality improvement of Taiwan's design community, and began to actively create a non-profit, cohesive design awareness, improve design quality, create a design of foreign design associations. In the spring of 1994, the "Graphic Design Association of Taiwan" (Taiwan Graphic Design Association) was set up under the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. In the spring of 1994, the "Graphic Design Association of Taiwan" (Taiwan Graphic Design Association) was established. , Referred to as TGDA). TGDA gathered Taiwan's elite in the field of flatness, packaging and CI design. With the encouragement of the concept of mutual understanding, TGDA is ready to win a place in the international arena for Taiwan's designers.
Collectif Designers + Design Associations
Sharing and diversity : To enable our members to share the reality of their business and facilitate the implementation of the project team. Openness and curiosity : Encourage our members to maintain their creativity and ability to anticipate facing any societal developments. Progress and commitment: Advocate for the application of professional ethics guaranteeing quality services to customers and ensuring fair remuneration for services provided by the designers. Visibility and legibility of the design : Valuing concrete projects, show their appreciation and awareness of economic operators to design, to promote the integration of design in all areas. Simplicity : Bringing concepts and answers to contemporary issues of creation, while remaining attached to the reality of demand.
Collegi Profesional de Disseny Grafic de Catalunya Design Associations
In 1978 a group of professionals from the ADG-FAD believed convenient to lay the foundations for the creation of a school of graphic designers. They organized a popular assembly open to capture the view of the sector. This meeting and given the desire of the majority, the idea of ​​creating an association that made the road to this goal.
Czech Union of Graphic Design Design Associations
Union of Graphic Design was founded in 2007 as an association of designers and enthusiasts who are not indifferent to the future of their industry. We promote graphic design and healthy conditions for cooperation between designers and their clients. Using lectures, seminars and articles in the press and on the Internet to share their experiences, opinions and information, actively entering into discussions about the future direction of our profession. We participate in debates about professional competitions and public tenders and offer a helping hand in their organization, whether through awareness articles, or direct consultations with contracting authorities, who have turned to us.
DBA – Design Business Association Design Associations
Founded in 1986, the Design Business Association is the trade association for all those working in the field of design, supporting them and championing the transformative power of design. Our membership consists of 500 design consultancies and design-driven businesses, including many of the brightest and most respected names. We work to build universal confidence in design investment and promote the power of effective design. The bridge between design and business, the DBA is committed to promoting the use of design at a strategic level to solve business and societal problems.
Design Council of Hong Kong (DCHK) Design Associations
The Federation of Hong Kong Industries established the Design Council of Hong Kong in 1968 with the mandate to promote the interest of local design industry.
Design Sweden Design Associations
Don’t think of Design Sweden as an organisation. Think of us as a confidant. A silent ambassador that works on your behalf, providing advice, steering debate, lobbying for change. Helping shape better conditions for working as a designer. For over half a century Design Sweden has been an axis for Swedish designers. However a whole lot has changed since Rune Mono, Carl-Axel Acking and Sigvard Bernadotte chaired the organisation in the 50’s and 60’s. The world has evolved in disruptive ways and design as discipline has developed to reflect advances in new technology and organisational practises. We have gone from confining design to the industrial space to considering it as an all-encompassing process and culture, with an ever-growing amount of job variations. Today, design is present in all companies and organisations and is an unquestioned cornerstone for all start-ups and new initiatives. From its unique vantage point – exploring and analysing emerging behavioural patterns and cultural shifts – design plays a vital part in shaping our surroundings.
Design Vlaanderen Design Associations
Design Flanders promotes contemporary, high quality and innovative design from Flanders. The organization is part of Flanders DC. First Design Flanders wants to help designers grow in Flanders and entrepreneurs. It also seeks to encourage companies and governments to implement design in their operation. Design Flanders is committed to the recognition of Flanders as a design region.
Designaustria Design Associations
Designaustria is Austria's first address for design. Founded in 1927, designaustria is Europe's third-largest design organization. In total, more than 1,300 members from various disciplines are working for Austria as a design natation. The knowledge gathered here is extensive and the international networking is correspondingly sufficient.
DOS – Slovene Designers Association – Drustvo Oblikovalcev Slovenije Design Associations
SloveniaThe Designers Society of Slovenia (DSS) brings together top designers from a wide range of creative and design-related spheres. The core objectives of the society are promoting the profession, organising retrospective exhibitions and other public presentations of the society members’ work, and creating links between the profession and its users and customers. Designers within the society are organised into a number of sections: visual communications, industrial design, unique design, scenography, and costume design. Society members are kept up-to-date on competitions, exhibitions and festivals in the field. They also participate as judges for such competitions and tenders, with the DSS providing expert advice as early as the drawing up of competition terms and conditions. Members are professionally engaged in the sections through various activities such as organising exhibitions, issuing competitions, membership in expert panels, promoting foreign and domestic design festivals, running professional excursions, lectures and similar.
Estonian Society of Interior Architects Design Associations
Estonian Association of Interior Architects (ESL) combines the Estonian professional interior designers, and uphold their interests, responsibilities and rights. The Union’s aim is to develop the internal architecture of Estonia, contributing to the aesthetic and human friendly living, and the creation of a professional interior designer to the values of society.
ETMK Turkish Industrial Design Association Design Associations
Turkish Industrial Design Association ETMK founded by a group of industrial designers in 1988 in Ankara, the Association of Industrial Designers Profession Organization (ETMK) is the most established professional organization working in the field of industrial design in Turkey. ETMK has branches in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. The main objective of the ETMK is to promote the industrial product design profession, to create and protect the rights and authorities of the designers, to strengthen communication and solidarity among colleagues, to work with the relevant institutions at the manufacturer and user level to provide qualified products.
Finnish Association of Designers – Ornamo Design Associations
Designers Ornamo was founded in 1911 by the design industry expert organization that develops the designer's profession and influence the design status in society. We offer our members services and support for different situations of working life. We work closely with interested design firms and other actors. Ornamo includes almost 2 500 members. Its members comprise the field of design of high-skilled professionals. They work, among other things, interior design, industrial design, furniture, textile and fashion design, packaging design, service design, digital design, user interfaces, arts and crafts and the arts.
Grafia Design Associations
Grafia is the visual communication designers' association, the purpose of which is to promote knowledge and understanding of the industry, as well as to the professional members, legal and financial interests. The organization was founded in 1933. The membership consists of communication and design professionals. The organization has about 1 000 members and has a nine-member board. Member of Grafia is financed largely Kopiostos photocopying allowances. They provide the security pornography distributes scholarships, inform, and organize training, intellectual property counseling and legal services.
Grafikerler Meslek Kurulusu Design Associations
The Graphic Designers Professional Association (GMK) was founded in Istanbul in 1978 under the name of Graphic Designers Professional Association. The organization has a membership enrollment range from the creative staff of advertising agencies and design studios to academics and students; The development of graphic design in Turkey is aimed at bringing together designers working in this field and protecting their professional rights. With its activities since its establishment, the designers are brought together professionally from different production areas. Since 1993, GMK has been a member of the International Design Council (Ico-D) in the Graphic Design Exhibition, which is held every year, creating and awarding a comprehensive selection of graphic products produced during that year.
Grafill Design Associations
Grafill is an organization for all who work or an education in visual communications. The organization gathers around 1300 professionals and students in the fields of graphic design, illustration, animation design, comic creation and interactive design.
Greek Graphic Designers Association Design Associations
The Greek Graphic Designers Association was established in 1983. It is a collective body representing professionals Graphic designers working in Greece. Not representing companies, groups, centers, etc., But only people with the particular activity in the area. There are employers' body, nor labor union. Members can be the professional graphic designers who are exclusively involved in graphic design. It is information dialog beam field, space development proposals concerning the visual communication industry and reflection on issues of concern to professionals. It provides information on various issues of concern to professionals (eg Planning, Compensation, Ethics, etc. Intellectual Property) and stands by its members faced related problems. Inform its members and coordinates the efforts of all graphic designers on issues of concern to the graphic design community.
Hong Kong Designers Association Design Associations
The Hong Kong Designers Association was founded in 1972. The Association is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and is a design body to advocate public interest in design and higher professional status for practising designers in government, cultural, entertainment, commercial and industrial sectors, for full-time, part-time teachers and administrators on the academic side of designing.
Illuminating Engineering Society Design Associations
The IES seeks to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with lighting knowledge and by translating that knowledge into actions that benefit the public.
InDeAs India Design Association Design Associations
InDeAs is an association for addressing the interests of the design community in India. InDeAs is a pan-India networking, showcasing and events platform for India's design community (drawn from across the spectrum). The Association will promote and create awareness about the design profession in the country. The design association is named as 'India Design Association - InDeAs'.
International Association of Designers Design Associations
IAD is the International Association of Designers. IAD accepts designers, artists, architects, craftsman and creatives members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical design practices. The ultimate aim of the IAD is to promote good design practices and principles worldwide in order to improve quality of life of general public from across the globe. IAD annually organizes several initiatives to help their goals. These initatives are World Design Hub, Designer of the Year and World Design Consortium programs.
International Bureau of Service Providers, IBSP Design Associations
IBSP is the International Bureau of Service Providers. IBSP accepts award winning "businesses and institutions and their representatives as members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical business practices in service industry.
International Council of Creative Industries, ICCI Design Associations
ICCI is the International Council of Creative Industries. ICCI accepts businesses and institutions related to creativity as members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical business practices.
International Design Club, IDC Design Associations
IDC is the International Design Club. IDC accepts architect offices, artists workshops and designer studios members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical practices in design industry.
International Federation of Interior Architects Design Associations
The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers is the global voice and authority for professional Interior Architects/Designers. IFI is the sole international federating body for Interior Architecture/Design organizations, and acts as a global forum for the exchange and development of knowledge and experience, in worldwide education, research and practice. Often considered as the “United Nations” of the Interior Architecture/Design field, IFI connects the international community in order to further the impact, influence and application of the design of interiors, promote global social responsibility, and raise the status of the profession worldwide.
Japan Graphi Designer Design Associations
Since the beginning of the 21st century, our society has been undergoing fundamental transformation. In times where yesterday’s commonsense doesn’t apply anymore, and it is difficult to predict what tomorrow may bring, it is as if all kinds of things in various fields are bumping against walls while searching for an exit. Against this backdrop, the role a graphic designer is expected to play has changed significantly, as people have begun to place their hopes on visual communication as a conflict-resolution tool. Graphic designers are able to read the times, and produce what is necessary according to their interpretation of contemporary society’s needs. With this occupational ability, graphic designers have secured themselves a place in society for wide-ranging work beyond purely print media. The involvement of graphic designers in urban planning and regional vitalization has become quite common all across the country. Graphic sensitivity is recently being utilized in the fields of industrial design and architecture as well, and the common “visual” language has opened the door on Japanese graphic design across national borders and out into the world.
Latvian Art Directors Club Design Associations
In March 2005, the largest coming together 18 agencies and 50 representatives of artists, designers, architects, photographers, text writers and other creative personalities, was founded LATVIAN ART DIRECTOR CLUB - an association which takes care of the creative industries and mastery of professional standards growth, educates, inspires and encourages current and next generation of creative talent, experience and exchange of information among professionals and the public.
Les agents associes Design Associations
In a highly competitive market, the agent brings to the authors visibility and legitimacy. The agent undertakes to support and advise the authors in the management and evolution of their career to bring to the recognition of their plastic writing. His knowledge of market players enables him to set up and develop the appropriate marketing approach to each. The agent undertakes to respect and to ensure respect its authors. It ensures the coordination and the fair remuneration of the projects, the conditions and payment deadlines. It ensures that the images be operating complies with French law on copyright.
Madrid Designers’ Association – Dimad Design Associations
Design is becoming a key to the development of culture and the Spanish economy vector. Its thrust is reflected in the exponential growth in the number of professionals in the proliferation of schools in the dramatic increase in students, in rapid social implementation of design as a new profession and the proven quality of work of our designers. The design now plays a role of creative engine linked to industry and services. It has already become a strategic factor of dynamism in the Europe of offshoring and cultural miscegenation.
Raic Design Associations
The RAIC is the leading voice for excellence in the built environment in Canada, demonstrating how design enhances the quality of life, while addressing important issues of society through responsible architecture.
SDA – Swiss Design Association Design Associations
Whether industrial design, textile and interaction design, design management or scenography, the design of products, processes and services is more than ever a matter of making design-oriented thinking and action usable. Prerequisite is the appropriate qualification of all participants in this process. The association is committed to this. The association represents the interests of the professional groups, who professionally deal with the design of physical and virtual products and services. Design is understood to be multi-dimensional, industrial and applied. The SDA unites these professional groups and promotes internal networking and exchanges. He supports his / her members to the best of his ability and allows for insights into the design areas. The Swiss Design Association offers its members professional services, is the expert contact for the Swiss design scene in design and design, business, education and politics.
Societe des designers graphiques du Quebec Design Associations
The Quebec Graphic Designers' Association (SDGQ) is the voice of Quebec graphic designers in the public arena since 1974. The Society of Graphic Designers of Quebec (SDGQ) is the public voice of Quebec's Graphic Designers since 1974. Partner of the GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada).
Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Design Associations
GDC is Canadaʼs national certification body for graphic and communication design and, since 1956, has established standards for design professionals, educators, and leaders. Through our certification program, GDC licenses the unique CGD certification mark to members whose services meet rigorous, standardized criteria. The CGD certification mark is recognized across Canada as the mark of professional services and ethical business conduct. GDC is a member-based organization of design professionals, educators, administrators, students and affiliates in communications, marketing, media and design-related fields. Our members come together via nine chapters across Canada to advocate for the advancement of the design profession.
SPFP – The Association of Industrial Designers in Poland Design Associations
The Association of Industrial Designers there since 1963. It brings together approx. 100 members, professionals in the design of the main centers in Poland. He is a member of BEDA - Bureau of European Design Associations (since 2005.). In the years 1964- 2011 belonged to the ICSID - International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.
Svenska Tecknare Design Associations
Swedish Cartoonist is an organization that organizes illustrators, graphic designers, animators and cartoonists. he association publishes a member magazine Cartoonist coming out with 6 issues a year. Additionally arranges Swedish Illustrators annual project Check! where the main part consists of a juried contest in three main categories: illustration, graphic design and moving image.
Swiss Graphic Designers Design Associations
SGD Swiss Graphic Designers is the largest graphic arts professional association in Switzerland and unites well-known visual communication professionals. It maintains and promotes the economic and professional interests of its members and is actively involved in vocational training.
Taichung Association of Interior Design & Decoration, TAIDD Design Associations
In May 12, 63, Taichung City interior design decoration business association after more than six months of preparation, and finally in Taichung City Chamber of Commerce held the establishment of the General Assembly and the first session of the first members of the General Assembly, and elected all supervisors and directors After the first session of the Association of He Jinrong formally established. At that time the interior design industry in the bud period, there is no direction and norms, and mushroomed have opened, but also a lot of foam. Therefore, after the establishment of the Association, the Association of the Taipei Association of Trade Unions and the Taipei Association of Trade Unions were invited to exchange views on how to operate the interior design industry and to organize a two-track operation of "design" and "construction". Was an important project. Under the leadership of He Jinrong, the chairman of the first board of directors, he completed the legislation, industrial design criteria, charging standards and standard works contracts, and established the evaluation method of interior designer qualification.
Taoyuan Association Of Interior Design & Decoration, TYID Design Associations
The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design Design Associations
The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), is an international non-governmental organization that promotes the profession of industrial design and its ability to generate better products, systems, services, and experiences; better business and industry; and ultimately a better environment and society.
Union nationale des peintres illustrateurs Design Associations
As an independent trade union, UNPI is: - The defense of the moral and material interests of authors artists, - Improving the conditions of exercise of the profession, - The profession of representation with public authorities: Ministries of Culture and Management of Social Security and in the various institutions with which the authors are artists in relationship - Inform and advise members on all professional matters (legal, fiscal, social, etc.), pay and copyright issues.
Union of Designers Belgium Design Associations
Union of Designers in Belgium (udb) is the only recognized professional union in Belgium of: Interior architects and designers, Graphic designers, Product and Industrial designers, but also the new designer’s activities like Service designers, Webdesigners, Interactive designers, Business designers. We cover transversal fields also like global design, ecodesign and design for all. We are active under our current name since 1981.
Union of Designers of Russia Design Associations
VDID – Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer e.V. Design Associations
The DIALOG - The VDID is a committed interlocutor, coach, mentor, consultant and lobby worker for industrial designers. The NETWORK - The VDID is in close contact with representatives from industry, industry, media, culture and politics to represent the interests of its members. The ORIENTATION - The VDID clarifies current developments, reacts to specific questions and problems of the industry and presents future scenarios for discussion. The DEVELOPMENT - The VDID helps in further education and specialization, promotes individual projects and arranges contacts / jobs.
Zwiazku Polskich Artystow Plastykow Design Associations
Association of Polish Artists and Designers is the country's largest association of artists founded in 1911. In Krakow. Brings together more than 7,000 visual artists of disciplines: painting, graphics, sculpture, medals, ceramics, glass, stained glass, fabric, industrial design, interior design, furniture, stage design, art conservation, exhibitions and the like. ZPAP are admitted graduates of the Academy of Arts arts and other schools of higher education in the fields of art. Once every three years takes the action admissions on the basis of evidence of creative activity.

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