Yosra Daeechian Karvandi Designer Profile
Yosra Daeechian Karvandi is the award-winning designer of the Stories Multifunctional Packaging.
Yosra Daeechian Karvandi

Arsoy means artist, and you can see its relation with Yosra. They want to change Design education methods to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. Design-Entrepreneurship is the neglected core in IRAN that Arsoy intends to pay attention to it. As Arsoy founder, I I did both my master’s and bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the College of Fine Arts at University of Tehran (first ranked university in my country). Not only was I among the top 1% in the national university entrance exam, I also was the first-ranking student during the whole years of my studies (GPA 4 out of 4). I was also awarded the exceptionally talented students’ scholarship for my Master’s program, and I received the talented graduates’ award during the same years. Furthermore, I was chosen as an outstanding researcher-student, hence a scholarship from the National Elite Foundation of Iran to pursue my education in Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship.

Stories Multifunctional Packaging