Mak Siu Fai Designer Profile
Mak Siu Fai is the award-winning designer of the The Panda Story Book.
Mak Siu Fai

Fai is a Web Designer, who actually has an excellent of graphic design sense and bears a very unique illustration style. Born in a very typical low-to-average-income family in Hong Kong, Fai grew up in an ordinary environment. He is always highly aware about the changes of the living environment and how it interacts with the people. He loves and embraces the past memories, thinking that the most precious thing remains when ones die is only memory. And most importantly, he feels himself didn't grow up at all in mind, when comparing to his friends around, but he believes keeping a childish mind is somehow the key to make good designs children always have the most passionate heart and the sharpest observation. Outside of those money-earning jobs, he always try to record the happiness and sadness through the beloved animals drawn by his pencil. They role-play the story for him and jot down all his concerns.

The Panda Story Book