Prashant Rao Designer Profile
Prashant Rao is the award-winning designer of the Mach City Suave Urban Utility Commuter Bike.
Prashant Rao

Prashant is a committed and versatile Product Design student who is currently looking for challenging position in the Industrial design sector, which will make best use of his existing skillset and experience, and also help him deepen his understanding of Design. His personal interest areas are user centered research and product development to a final point-of-sale stage. He loves to create things and work hands on in the workshop building products. He Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and negotiate concisely and articulately at all levels. He believes that it is the wholesome outlook of the system in which a product fits in. Designing a product around and with the User is his strength. Keeping the process User centric helps him realize key insights that form a solid foundation for a new concept that might be articulated in the form of a tangible product or an intangible solution. Functionality and Design innovation is his key interest area.

Prashant Rao
Mach City Suave Urban Utility Commuter Bike