Emre Ozsoz All Can Game Station
All Can Game Station is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
All Can Game Station

The All Can offer an inclusive, interactive design to empower people with disabilities to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Its universal design provides sensory processing and creates a space that embraces all members of the community enabling them to live healthy, playful lives to reach their fullest potential. In doing so, it allows people to interact with others in a happy and fun way without being excluded. The aim of the All Can, which is to create a social effect that brings people closer, comes from these unique features.

All Can Game Station
Emre Ozsoz All Can
Emre Ozsoz Game Station
Emre Ozsoz design
Emre Ozsoz design
Emre Ozsoz

Emre Ozsoz is a professional product designer. He focuses on the sensual nature of design, aiming to depict the complications of life through a combination of color, texture, and functionality. His designs have been awarded by many different reputable organizations worldwide. He has designed several products for entertainment, amusement and recreational industries. Emre has still been continuing to design new waterslides, recreational products together with the company that he is a crucial part of the design team, known for its attention to detail in creating sophisticated world-known rides and slides. The company and the design team have been expanding their product range every passing day and put into use all over the world.

Polin Waterparks

Polin Waterparks was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1976. The current headquarters for our 35,000-square-meter plant is in Kocaeli, Turkey, the largest waterslide-manufacturing plant in the world. Polin produces the industry’s widest range of waterslides and water play attractions using innovative technology and the highest quality materials available. Polin Waterparks was an early pioneer of RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) waterslide production and is the only global manufacturer that creates their entire product line in RTM using fully automated robots. With 46 years of global experience in the composites sector, Polin has developed an unmatched expertise in both business and technology. Our successful completion of more than 3,000 projects—of different sizes and complexity and in more than 108 countries around the world—continues to add to our wealth of experience. Polin is recognized globally as the signature water attraction supplier of leading waterpark chains such as Six Flags, Cartoon Network, and Aspro Group. Working with a wide variety of clients has helped Polin reach several milestones including installing the largest waterparks in many countries and many other award-winning rides at parks with world-renowned reputations. Polin Waterparks aims to lead and serve the industry through technology and innovation in the global arena and to preserve its pioneering spirit by continuing to invest in R&D.