Lina Piskunova Solaris Asemic Calligraphy
Solaris Asemic Calligraphy is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Solaris Asemic Calligraphy

Asemic calligraphy design is really unique, light and delicate object. It feels as a poetry, music or dreaming dance. This type of calligraphy shows something beyond words, outside of meaning. Asemic texts are the page for contemplation, reflection, out of logic. In the rooms calligraphy made personal, special and artistic space. Excellent for unique human.

Solaris Asemic Calligraphy
Lina Piskunova Solaris
Lina Piskunova Asemic Calligraphy
Lina Piskunova design
Lina Piskunova design
Lina Piskunova

I am an artist. My rhythm and lifestyle allows me to live life slowly and in this natural rhythm I see the beauty of the world. This is partly the life of a poet who walks freely and admires the sun's rays reflected in the sea. I walk freely along the seashore. I keep all this happiness in my works. I'm sure I'm making this world kinder