Nikolay Yudin UNAwheel Mini Wheelchair Power Addon
UNAwheel Mini Wheelchair Power Addon is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
UNAwheel Mini Wheelchair Power Addon

UNAwheel Mini is a brand new product, which uniquely combines a sleek minimalistic design with advanced electric motor technology and lighweight patented structure. Unique maneuverability, dual soft suspension, puncture proof tire and powerful motor make driving through city streets comfortable and easy. UNAwheel Mini fits almost all wheelchairs on the worldwide market and brings enjoyment, mobility and independance to anyone on a wheelchair.

UNAwheel Mini Wheelchair Power Addon
Nikolay Yudin UNAwheel Mini
Nikolay Yudin Wheelchair Power Addon
Nikolay Yudin design
Nikolay Yudin design
Nikolay Yudin

Born in Moscow, Russia and currently based in Russia, Spain and Singapore. As being doctor, economist and engineer without designer education, Nick’s aim is to design products that people need in everyday life, economically effective, with high tech internal structure and simple and elegant look. Especially interested in mobility problematics with different dimensions - social, medical, recreative, future, on multiple areas - on snow, on asphalt, on dirt or even in virtual reality.

UNAcare Pte. Ltd.

UNAcare company was born to design and manufacture innovative products for handicapped people, bringing advanced technologies to the field where they are so needed, but so little is done. UNAwheel Mini is the first product of the company fully designed in-house and manufactured since 2019. Company headquarters is located in Singapore, manufacturing facilities are in China, the R&D department is in Russia and warehouses are spread between Spain and China.