Gordana Peric Caliendi Label
Caliendi Label is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Caliendi Label

The central part of this design is African mask in warm, terracotta colors put against black background. The mask acts as a symbol which makes the design recognizable and memorable. The complex patterns and details of the mask are inspired by African heritage and combined with modern elements. The design aims to represent the spirit and energy of African people and bring out African vibe in others. Typography is clean with red color being used to make some details stand out.

Caliendi Label
Gordana Peric Caliendi
Gordana Peric Label
Gordana Peric design
Gordana Peric design
Gordana Peric

A UI/UX designer with a Bachelor's degree in design and a Master's degree in computer engineering. Mostly dedicated to UI/UX design but also packaging design and branding. Works in a company as well as freelance. Was one of the scholars who received an Indian government scholarship for design. Other areas of interest include illustration, typography, and photography.


Sodabi Caliendi is flavoured palm liqueur is made in Togo, Africa. It is a family business, with traditional elaboration and buying it means having a direct impact on the lives of many self-employed workers. Production is limited so gives consumers a real feeling of exclusivity. It is a high alcohol content drink that is used for cocktails as well as for preparing meals.