Kamil Taner Cukurcuma Armchair
Cukurcuma Armchair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Cukurcuma Armchair

Cukurcuma Armchair is a design of History and Present formed together. A blend of old and new. A design that feels mid century. It's special designed cushions looking like pouches/bags supports the back, spine and the neck for maximum comfort. The unique n -shape design legs carry the load while making it possible to be used as arm rests. Another unique feature of Cukurcuma Armchair is that the wood that has been used is an antique oak wood dating back to 1830's to signify history.

Cukurcuma  Armchair
Kamil Taner Cukurcuma
Kamil Taner Armchair
Kamil Taner design
Kamil Taner design
Kamil Taner

I am a designer. Designing feels natural to me. I do not consider it as work, it is something that comes innate. It is one of those things that makes me happy. People approach me because they see how much I love my work and how passionate I am. I believe that the story of a space and it’s furniture brings up great design together. My emphasis is on well made custom design furniture, lighting fixtures and interiors. Aesthetics and elegance is a must. Each project is for somebody else and what I do needs to reflect that person and their vision.For each client, I design unique and custom made furniture, lighting and interiors. In my experience anything that I do with love wins hearts.

Kamil Taner Architecture & Interiors

Kamil Taner, a designer that comes from a city which goes back 3000 years, a city that has been the metropolis of many great civilizations. Istanbul, a city that embraces a vast diversity of cultures and arcitectural marvels left from the great empires of their time. Growing up in Istanbul means is to grow up with most cultures of the world and Kamil’s childhood was no ordinary childhood. The son of a famous politician of his time, Kamil travelled around the globe starting from an early age, visiting a rich variety of historical, commercial and residential environments resulting in a diverse perception of design, spaces and materials. Kamil received his Bachelor of International Business from George Washington University, Interior Design degree from IDI and mentored by Halit Dagcioglu, A Master Architect. Kamil believes the architecture, furniture and lighting of a space are not seperate but one. He sees furniture as the continuation of interiors and lighting as the completion of space. He designed numerous luxury buildings, residences and commercial spaces with this notion in mind. His experience in custom design furniture for high caliber clientele, precision detailing and his vision regarding how furniture influences the athmosphere made him stand out. Having lived such a multi-cultured life and his background in architecture shaped Kamil’s understanding of design. When you delve into his work you can see and feel Istanbul. A uniqeness that results from the alignment of cultures. A personal touch that lies hidden in the hands of artisan craftsman that formed through generations of knowledge and practice passing from father to son, a legacy of hand made technique that comes all the way from East Roman Empire, Byzantium and The Ottoman’s. In his designs, Kamil Taner brings together history and present, he blends different cultures and periods, he forms a bridge between the furniture and the space it lives in.His vast know how of natural materials, keen eye to details, his affection to work with artisan craftsman side by side, his love for designing furniture made him known as the custom made designer Kamil Taner is the winner of A’Design Awards, one of the most prestigious awards from Italy. In a way this award is a validation of his intercultural work and his unique design philosophy. Kamil Taner’s designs are being exhibited in many different parts of the world and his work is nominated for many awards.