Ali Bazzi AB Workspace Cabin
AB Workspace Cabin is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
AB Workspace Cabin

AB workspace mobile cabin is a project by AB architects, original and luxury experience in a minimum space. It's modern design and urban looks make it stands out in an otherwise remote area in the Lebanese mountains. The cabin's mobility feature allows it to be placed within reach and close contact with the diverse client base of varying backgrounds and locales. In a surface area of 22 m², the ground level consists of an office desk, seating area, a small kitchen, and a toilet. Connected to the roof by stairs adding fun and flexibility.

AB Workspace Cabin
Ali Bazzi AB Workspace
Ali Bazzi Cabin
Ali Bazzi design
Ali Bazzi design
Ali Bazzi

Ali's Profile combines both academic accreditation and professional work experience in the field of Architects. Graduated with an MA from the INBA Lebanese University during which he developed strong experience and understanding of the local architects market and trending designs matching those needs with the international standard of this major. Ali's work experience started when he partnered with engineering firms upon graduation from The LU. as the head of Architects contracts with the different firms , Ali acquired professional work experience and developed strong communication, execution, designing and leadership skills which altogether with creativity and his talent were the base that he took into starting his own Firm. As the founder of AB Architects, Ali completed large scale projects along with medium sized projects for various clients including government and private corporations. The leading company specialize in local contracts and projects (Lebanese market) and is open to the international market. Ali enforces an ongoing skill development and training policy within his Company. this policy is aimed to encourage and motivate staff to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends in this very challenging and exciting major. Ali explains his reason behind success with one quote: "Learn from the past, Prepare for the future"!

AB Architects

AB Architects is an architectural and design firm that plans and implements projects in different specialties, at all scales with a passion. AB Architects offers a high level of commitment and refinement, where collaboration is encouraged throughout the whole design and construction process. With comprehensive interior architecture and design services, AB Architects focuses on exploring ideas, paired with a pragmatic perspective, which has been enabling the creation of spaces that are highly refined, memorable and functional.