Ataman Özdemir Rehber Elevated Ramp
Rehber Elevated Ramp is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
Rehber Elevated Ramp

The barrier-free access system, Rehber simply works as an elevated ramp. It is a contemporary solution for both unimpeded and disabled people which enables access opportunities. Rehber can be adjustable desired height. It's a universal design, strifeless, for everyone in the universe. This is a university project in Metu and supported by Metu Teknokent. Unique properties of Rehber is that it can be applied almost everywhere. Inspiration comes from experience in university. Challenges are suitable for mass production, low cost, need minimum repairment, safe and easy to use etc.

Rehber Elevated Ramp
Ataman Özdemir Rehber
Ataman Özdemir Elevated Ramp
Ataman Özdemir design
Ataman Özdemir design
Ataman Özdemir

I'm Instructor at Middle East Technical University for years.


Rehber is one of the brand of EEVYS Company. EEVYS means Engelsiz Erisim ve Yasam Sistemleri. EEVYS means Access System for Disabled. This brand and company are launched with the support of Metu, Metu Teknokent.