Cengiz Sentürk Kite Street led fixture system
Kite Street led fixture system is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Kite Street led fixture system

This product resembles a kite with it's interesting and remarkable design. This inspirational design of street lamps in the shape of a kite will give a pleasant feeling to everyone. In this design; compared to old-fashion luminaries; driver, junction box ,and protective circuit are put into the bracket, instead of putting them into the luminary. The aim of this feature is to help reduce heating. The product is designed with a slim, elegant form ,and with high-efficiency LED technology that is environmental friendly. It can replace traditional lamps ,and traditional LED-like products.

Kite Street led fixture system
Cengiz Sentürk Kite
Cengiz Sentürk Street led fixture system
Cengiz Sentürk design
Cengiz Sentürk design
Cengiz Sentürk

Cengiz Şentürk is the CEO and co-founder of Fiberli which is a brand of PSL Electronic. He has an active role in making Fiberli an innovative brand. As a result; Fiberli became the first Turkish company that uses fiber optic lighting systems in 1991. He continuously influences and encourages his team to make difference in people's life with a very environmentally conscious approach. In addition to that, the brand is known for providing very flexible solutions for challenging projects thanks to the it's visionary R&D team.


Fiberli is a rooted and leading brand of Turkey and the stroy of Fiberli began with the establishment of PSL Electronic in 1991. The business life of PSL Electronic started with audio-video-lighting applications. In 2000, PSL Electronic gave up this implementation area and decided to specialize in LED and Fiber Optic systems. After seven years, PSL created its brand, Fiberli and took place in literature as "the first Turkish company that uses fiber optic lighting systems." Today, Fiberli becomes the most ambitious brand of lighting sector in Turkey with the Research & Development works and leading edge technologies of PSL Electronic. Fiberli is getting bigger and bigger in lighting sector and reaches to the world, especially European countries, with its experience in lighting design. Fiberli products, which are manufactured in a 6,000-square-metre factory, meet with consumers in more than 20 countries. Fiberli presents contemporary illuminating services by following world standards and changing lighting technologies.