Mehdi Saleh Penguin Smart Elderly Lighting
Penguin Smart Elderly Lighting is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
Penguin Smart Elderly Lighting

Assisting senior people is always inspiring. Two months were spent in a care center to find out the major problems of the elder people. Continuous communication between seniors and caretakers is critical which is not practical specifically when the elders are assumed to be in their beds. Falling down and leaving bed occurs which are potentially harmful specifically for the ones with Alzheimer and sleepwalking problem.The Team have designed a sensor-based WiFi-aided light,the Penguin,to gently light the room and inform caretaker by a vibratory bracelet.The Penguin can also be used in hospitals.

Penguin Smart Elderly Lighting
Mehdi Saleh Penguin
Mehdi Saleh Smart Elderly Lighting
Mehdi Saleh design
Mehdi Saleh design
Mehdi Saleh

An accomplished industrial and interior designer with more than 4 years of working experience. Mehdi have strong experience in Solid Works , 3D Max , Ps and so on. Mehdi has broad experince in interior designing for different businesses and agencies and would be able to do his duties with less mentoring and will be able to work on greenfield projects with minimum mentoring.

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Ordybehesht House of Design is founded in 2014 and privately owned studio that offers Interior Design and Decorating service and Industrial design ideas. Based in Tehran and services all clients across Iran. It is initially started with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and two Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering with Master of Industrial Design, with strong focus on in both commercial and residential projects. Since then Ordybehesht House of Design has been working on innovating and unique designs in both Interior and Product design projects.