Johanna Mårtensson Orgel Visual sound installation
Orgel Visual sound installation is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Orgel Visual sound installation

Orgel is an art installation and musical piece by composer Ida Lundén and artist Johanna Mårtensson. It is a contemporary version of a traditional organ; plastic tubes and objects make up wind instruments and sound is produced via compressed air. Visitors are invited to play on the organs, becoming a part of the philosophy at work. The different sounds in the organs produces varied feelings and melodies. It celebrates the use of ordinary, cheap materials-shaping them into something of worth. Using simple, used materials to create dramatic and collective ritualistic experience.

Orgel Visual sound installation
Johanna Mårtensson Orgel
Johanna Mårtensson Visual sound installation
Johanna Mårtensson design
Johanna Mårtensson design
Johanna Mårtensson

Johanna works with scenography for theatre, dance, film, photography and with her own projects and collaborations. She often explores rooms and objects together with the audience and her interest lies in exploring the role of sensory perception and psychic interaction that participants has with the work. Johanna trained Fine Art at Nyckelviksolan and Gerlesborgskolan in Stockholm before she studied Design for Performance at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London. When she graduated 1999 she was nominated for the prestigious Linbury Prize For Stage Design. She works for a wide range of theaters in Sweden including Riksteatern. Orgel - 2015 years contribution is created together with Ida Lundén, composer and musician, active mainly in chamber music and electronic music. She was one of the founders of Syntjuntan and was 2011-2013 Composer in Residence at the Swedish Radio P2. Over the last few years she has received attention for her imaginative works for sometimes unusual combinations of instruments like viola and potatoes or bass singers and double basses. She has done installations and solo works for eg the Swedish Academy of Music, Music in Gävleborg and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.

ORGEL by Johanna Mårtensson and Ida Lundén

Orgel is Ida Lundéns and Johanna Mårtenssons common visual sound installation. Ida Lundén is a composer and musician, mostly in electronic and chamber music. Johanna Mårtensson works with theatre design and with her own exhibitions and art projects. Both are based in Stockholm.