Philippe Holthuizen BlendExpress Personal Blender
BlendExpress Personal Blender is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
BlendExpress Personal Blender

Ferrano created this cute kitchen companion to address shifting social trends: increasingly hectic lifestyles, rising awareness of health and nutrition, and shrinking household size. The ability to blend and drink from a single bottle fits well with workouts, morning commutes and other on-the-go uses. The smooth surfaces of the BlendExpress make it not just attractive, but also easy to wipe down after use. A simple twist attaches or removes the sports bottle. Carefully curated accessories include the flip-cap lid, carrying ring and insulating sleeve. The result? Healthier living made easy!

BlendExpress Personal Blender
Philippe Holthuizen BlendExpress
Philippe Holthuizen Personal Blender
Philippe Holthuizen design
Philippe Holthuizen design

Ferrano strives to fit seamlessly into our customers’ busy urban lifestyles, giving them more time to lead healthy, happy lives. Our products are safe, ultra-durable and look great, so you’ll be proud to display them in your home. Ferrano embraces a spirit of innovation from product conception and design to development and manufacture. Our products are practical for everyday use and made with care to last for years to come. We reject the throwaway mentality behind the cheap, poorly designed consumer goods common during our time. Ferrano heralds a new spirit of fine craftsmanship, paired with modern design values and the latest technology.