Philip Kunovski Ampfly Sound Amplifier
Ampfly Sound Amplifier is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Idea and Conceptual Design Award Category.
Ampfly Sound Amplifier

Our design is a protective smartphone case that amplifies the sound output of a mobile device. It delivers up to three times volume amplification and uses absolutely no electronics or batteries to function. This case is made to improve media sharing amongst friends and listening to music on the phone. It can be used whenever and wherever needed, even in noisy places. The volume increase and sound quality outperform any comparable amplifiers by far. Besides functionality, the case’s attractive design and high-grade material make it a quality product. It is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Ampfly Sound Amplifier
Philip Kunovski Ampfly
Philip Kunovski Sound Amplifier
Philip Kunovski design
Philip Kunovski design

The idea was born in 2012 when two engineering students felt dissatisfied with the poor quality of smartphone speakers. They challenged themselves to improve mobile technology and came up with the idea of a passive audio amplifier built into a phone case. The goal was to amplify the volume, enrich the sound and function mechanically without using the phone’s battery – something that would make a difference to everyday life in a sustainable way. Presenting the first prototypes to their peers, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so the aspiring engineers started to explore the business potential of their idea. After having graduated from university, they founded their own company and dedicated their time and effort to the project. In a long process of testing and improving they came up with the optimised end product. At the same time, they were facing the business world: networking, negotiating, and experiencing all highs and lows of start-up life. Meanwhile, they had started their PhD programs. In 2014, the postgraduates teamed up with Launched PMD, a company helping start-ups launch their products. Soon after, music channel MTV’s interest in the case led to a collaboration with Ampfly and helped the establishment of the brand. After years of balancing academia, work and business, seeing their invention hitting the shelves and gaining popularity in social media is a true reward for Ampfly’s creators – and an inspiration for others to turn innovative ideas into reality.