Stepan Pianykh Phoresy Pack Backpack
Phoresy Pack Backpack is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Generative, Algorithmic, Parametric and AI-Assisted Design Award Category.
Phoresy Pack Backpack

Phoresy Pack is an ergonomic backpack design with a unique foldable structure. Its structure is produced from a single sheet of genuine leather that has been precisely CNC-milled and creased to form a material that can expand or shrink flat to adjust the backpack's volume. While the final outcome of the project is merely a backpack, the aim of the project was to explore applications of Computational Design and Digital Fabrication principles in the fields of customizable fashion and industrial design.

Phoresy Pack Backpack
Stepan Pianykh Phoresy Pack
Stepan Pianykh Backpack
Stepan Pianykh design
Stepan Pianykh design
Stepan Pianykh

Stepan Pianykh is an award winning multidisciplinary designer with a diverse background in game development, industrial design, digital fabrication, visual content production and lecturing. With about a decade of experience of co-running vosq design agency, Stepan’s primary area of expertise lies in leveraging computational and parametric design tools to create engaging products, content and experiences.

Stepan Pianykh

Stepan Drunks, legally known as Stepan Pianykh, is a Computational Designer and video game developer, as well as a co-founder of "vosq" Design Studio. In his works, Stepan prioritizes the development of products that offer novel ways of user interaction