Yuhong Shen & Chunmao Wu Care U Scanning Massager
Care U Scanning Massager is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
Care U Scanning Massager

His design is a health product designed for the elderly, which combines body detection and electrotherapy massage. We can see from the product that this design combines a lot of cutting-edge technologies such as musculoskeletal ultrasound detection technology and electronic pulse massage technology. The whole work is mainly white, with distinctive design language and design features. The author's design was inspired by his grandparents. He saw their body aches every day, and he wanted to change this situation very much.

Care U Scanning Massager
Yuhong Shen & Chunmao Wu Care U
Yuhong Shen & Chunmao Wu Scanning Massager
Yuhong Shen & Chunmao Wu design
Yuhong Shen & Chunmao Wu design
Yuhong Shen & Chunmao Wu

He is a student with a cutting-edge design vision and studied at Donghua University in Shanghai, China. Committed to solving the aging problem facing the world through design. Through positive emotional design, mutual assistance for the elderly and health products for the coming year, etc., start with the development. Faced with the growth of the elderly population, the increasing pressure on the elderly in the society and the marginalization of the elderly in society.

Positive Experience Design Studio

Positive experience design studio is dedicated to product service design, positive experience design, etc., mainly thinking about how to improve users' subjective well-being through pleasure, meaningful and virtue design activities. The design works won the red dot design award, IF design award, IDEA Design Award, Red Star Award, etc. We published more than 30 academic papers, that contributed design knowledges for designers and academia. We serviced several international clients, including Braun, Kenwood, Kessebohmer, decathlon, CK etc.