HIR Studio Plastic Recurrence Public Bench
Plastic Recurrence Public Bench is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Plastic Recurrence Public Bench

Plastic Recurrence is a series of benches designed for a district town hall in Hong Kong, by using recycled household plastic waste from the same district. HIR studio recycled the plastic bottles in the riverside town, processed, and remolded them into new public benches, before bringing them back into the local town hall for everyone to enjoy. The series were made of only two typical modules assembled in varied lengths and rotations. Tactile textures and imperfect color of recycled plastic render each bench unique. What is taken from the community is used back in the community.

Plastic Recurrence Public Bench
HIR Studio Plastic Recurrence
HIR Studio Public Bench
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HIR Studio design
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HIR Studio is a Hong Kong architectural design team with a passion to create unique and inspiring spatial design. Founded by HKIA Young Architect Award Winner Irene Cheng and emerging architect Howard Chung, HIR Studio aspires to create visions which inherit the virtues of innovative, artistic and sensual design, and to explore the public realm with local flavors and characters. HIR studio is inspired by both the "past and the present" as sources for contemporary interpretation, and seeks to explore how people can actively participate and communicate with their environment. In this project the public is invited to understand the recycling industry and motivated to contribute to a sustainable future. HIR Studio has received numerous awards. The team was coined “rising stars in architecture” by publications such as Construction+ Magazine and Perspective Magazine.