Wen-Heng Chang Evolution Multifunctional Rollator
Evolution Multifunctional Rollator is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Award Category.
Evolution Multifunctional Rollator

Degradation of the elderly's mobility is a long process. How to provide a device to help them have a better life quality is very important. This composite assistive device design that combines the functions of a rollator and a wheelchair which is designed to accompany the elders in the process of gradually losing their vitality. Users can find corresponding solutions depending on their physical conditions. At the same time, increasing the elderly's willingness to go out. It can greatly improve their health, social and emotional connection with their family.

Evolution Multifunctional Rollator
Wen-Heng Chang Evolution
Wen-Heng Chang Multifunctional Rollator
Wen-Heng Chang design
Wen-Heng Chang design
Wen-Heng Chang

Functional and beautiful. Wen-Heng Chang is a product designer. After obtained his bachelor degree of industrial design in Taiwan, and built his skills in the industry, he moved to Milan to continued his study in Domus Academy. Influenced by the Italian style of design, his works contains good ratio and elegant shape, and blend the eastern and western culture. He also likes to think in a innovative way and always curious about new field. Design is a lifestyle for him and he believe he can use design to bring happiness to people.

Wen-Heng Chang Design Studio

Wen-Heng Chang is an product designer. After obtained his bachelor degree of industrial design in Taiwan, he joined an French based company as a product engineer for 4 years. During this period he had a lot of opportunities to deal with different design projects, and provides his clients very creative solutions. Also, he obtained a wide array of practical knowledge about design field. Now he continues his study in Domus Academy for his master degree in product design. This personal studio represents Wen-Heng's design philosophy and patience.