Home Appliance Design Award Winners 2022
Home Appliances Design Award 2022 Winners, World's best consumer electronics, white goods, brown goods, home appliances, digital equipment, electrical goods as well as their packaging and communication in 2022 Nominate your Home Appliance Design now.
Home Appliance Design Award 2022 Winners

A' Design Awards is pleased to announce the esteemed winners of the A' Home Appliances Design Award 2022.

LegeeD7 Vacuum Mop Robot
Winner Work : LegeeD7 Vacuum Mop Robot
Spinn Coffee Maker
Winner Work : Spinn Coffee Maker
Lura  Hand Blender Set
Winner Work : Lura Hand Blender Set
Moderna  Tea Machine
Winner Work : Moderna Tea Machine
Award for Home Appliances Design

The A' Home Appliances Design Award is open to entries by Industrial Designers, Product Engineers, Appliances Manufacturers and Appliance Brands worldwide. Enter your work today to highlight Leading Technology.